Non-union Amazon has higher starting wages with similar and a few better benefits than unionized UPS....this is what will break the union

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Another day of sitting on my ass. Can you do that at Bezosville?


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This thread is a must read for all the new and prospective drivers. Getting ready for my second peak and I've been searching for gold like this to better understand the relationship between our union and the CBA. I hear it subtly from our veteran drivers, but never so overtly laid out.

There are plenty of us new guys that want to discover the history, depth, and struggles the union went through to make it possible for us today. I do so with humility and gratitude and with an intent to respect the traditions carried out before.

Thanks for the education guys.


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My hub is trying to push that 25% to 35% NOW. They created a huge mandate list of RPCDs for Saturday and then started handing out suspensions and terminations for the RPCDs not coming in as a reasoning to push 22.4 percentage to 35%.
Crazy part is if you actually read the contract language it shouldn’t even be 25% of your total drivers (which is the way the company is acting that it reads). The contract states 25% of the total number of RPCDs making it 20% of the total. Should be only one 22.4 out of every 5 total drivers.


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Amazon's new starting wage $18.00 per hour (with $22.50 an hour in select markets) is more than an 8 year PT employee at UPS in a non-market adjustment hub (those that started at UPS on Aug 2nd, 2013 at $8.50 an hour are now at $17.48 an hour. The benefits while not equal are similar especially when the bonus, 20 week paternity leave, and tuition reimbursement are factored in).
Amazon signing bonus $3,000
20 week paid paternity leave
full college tuition reimbursement starting Jan 1st, 2022
After 30 days: health, vision, dental, life insurance and a 401(k) with 50% company match up to $10,000

Walmart starting wage $16.40 starting Sept 25th

UPS starting wage $15.00 an hour (or $22.00 an hour in select markets) and a 30 minute decision to hire.
9 months: health, vision, dental
pension vesting: 5 years
college tuition reimbursement is center/hub dependent--certainly not everywhere--and not even in the local contracts

As Hoffa contract ever!!!! (sigh not)...want more of a right-to-work argument for states that will eventually break the union keep negotiating these junk contracts.
Amazon is trying so hard to not have a union. Ups doesn't care already has it. That's the difference.


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Key word here is NEW. Amazon is only starting people at that wage because of two things. They are burning through employees at a alarming rate and because they are trying to pull from other companies the small amount of people that are actually looking for work.

Just like UPS in certain areas.

Only for FT employees

Not for all schools. Only for Amazon education partners. Also all the stipulations have not come out yet. I have not heard if this is for PT or FT or both.

Only if you work 20 hours or more a week. Also not nearly as good as UPS benefits.

Need just one punch.

Sounds good to me.

Keep cheerleading for now union companies and RTW laws. That's going to really help in the long run. SMH
Amazon insurance is pretty good for non union. We get it day 1 and holiday pay. I'm not anti union but I am against :censored2:ty contracts. Ups needs to do better.


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Amazon insurance is pretty good for non union. We get it day 1 and holiday pay. I'm not anti union but I am against :censored2:ty contracts. Ups needs to do better.
Glad it's pretty good. So tell me what's your guaranteed raise every years? How many hours are you guaranteed no matter what? What protections do you have that keeps Amazon from cutting those hours as they see fit? Which in turn eliminates your insurance. What protection do you have that Amazon doesn't eliminate insurance for part timers next year? What' is your next step up in Amazon?