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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by andorian, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. andorian

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    The benefits for specialists and supervisors have all been either eliminated or cut to shreds in the last year. Corporate is doing this because there's nowhere else for us to go with the economy the way it is. I wonder how this will work out in the long run, when the economy improves. I for one feel very unappreciated and resentful.
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    You could always quit.
  3. andorian

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    Yea, I'm sure that's what corporate's attitude is as well. In my post I pointed out that there's nowhere else to go right now.
  4. jimstud

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    ups loves to eat their own.
  5. randomUPSISer

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    Start looking for another job. Its what I, and nearly everyone within I.S. I've talked to lately, is doing or thinking of doing.

    UPS can only screw you so far as you let them. No matter where you are at, big brown isnt the only game in town. Especially when you are a "specialist" job such as engineering, IT, accounting, etc etc.

    Even if UPS gave your benefits back, do you really want to continue to work for a company that will screw you the first chance it gets? Any shred of trust I had with the company has been destroyed in the last year. I forsee a MASS exodus of "specialist" from the company as the job market gets better. I am already witnessing a larger percentage of people leaving in the last year willingly than I have any other year at the company. Wait until there actually ARE jobs out there.
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    Thats ashame .
  7. TheKid

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    Just a little rule of thumb....once you lose something, as far as benefits, you never get them back. Good luck.
  8. pretzel_man

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    This is a very broad statement. What are the facts?

    Are you talking about:

    - No raise last year
    - Elimination of the 401k match
    - Larger health care cost

    These are all old news, and I'm not aware of anything else. Did I miss something? I certainly do not see this as eliminated or cut to shreads?

    We have no salary cuts... No pension cuts... The company still pays A LOT for our health care.

    My wife was laid off, and my daughter was given a 30% pay cut. I don't feel unappreciated or resentful. Given the economy, I think they made good decisions.

  9. randomUPSISer

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    Are you talking about:

    - No raise last year - Theres at least 3-5% "lost" for an individual depending on if you are any good or not
    - Elimination of the 401k match - Good bye 3% of wages
    - Larger health care cost - My healthcare cost nearly tripled. If I do the math thats at least a couple % as well

    Lets also go ahead and add in the low MIP factor. No salary cuts you say? My math adds up to at least 10% cut off of my annual wages. Maybe 12-15% depending on what your wages were to begin with.

    You may want to examine your math again. UPS did in fact perform "wage reductions", but they did it in a clever way as to not announce it.
  10. MonavieLeaker

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    Least you have job...Theres plent of people whod love to have any type of job right now
  11. UnsurePost

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    I agree. In this current economic crisis, adronian, you should feel very lucky to have a job at all. ;D
  12. satellitedriver

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    Examine two separate facts;
    First, you have a job during the largest worldwide downturn since 1933.
    Secondly, what are you able to contribute, to justify keeping your present wage and benefits?
    Math is a simple, exact science and present UPS strategy is applying it in a perverse manner.
    As a driver, I will be painting with a broad brush in my observations.
    Cost cutting in lower level management is a quick fix, to save cost.
    Realigning districts will lower cost, and ultimately increase micro-management.
    Micro-management has increased my work load-(and OT)- 15% in the last 3 yrs.
    It boogles my mind that I was paid over $20.000.00 in O.T. last year, to save our company money.
    Sorry for the rant, random.
    In reality, I wish you had that extra 15% and I had that time to spend at home.
  13. pretzel_man

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    As I recall, the 401K match (3.5%) was something added. For my first 25 or so years, it didn't exist.

    UPS didn't reduce the amount the company pays for our healthcare. The healthcare costs increased, and UPS did not cover the increase.

    As far as no raise, from my perspective, we are lucky that there was no cut.

    Tell my why you think the shareowners should pay the extra instead of management. I guess the best choice would have been force reductions last year. There would be less complaining.

    The extra money will come from someone.

    Do we make customers pay more? That would drive them to our competitors (who by the way made deeper cuts than us).

  14. noway

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    You got to be kidding me if you think management should just be happy that they did not take a pay cut. There is more to it than what happened in 2009. Management has been seeing a steady decrease in their total compensation for the past five years. Changes to MIP, Decreases in benefit coverage and smaller raises. There are several problems here. One the company no longer cares about its management people and two they are falling in to the same rut that most union companies fall into. The company is in trouble. It is nothing new, actually it is just the same old story with every Union company. The company trying to stay in business gives into one crippling demand after another, until they are nothing but a shell of what they started out to be. The only thing we got going for us is that most of our jobs can’t be shipped overseas. FedEx will be bigger than us within the next five years. With our increased costs more companies will find alternatives, whether is it using a competitor or starting their own delivery fleet. The CEO and the Union President will be the only ones guaranteed to keep making more money. Argue if you want the cuts in management’s numbers and pay are just the start. There are less service providers on the road today and there will be even less next year. Take a look at any other union company that paid the ridiculous wages that we pay and then tell me why I am wrong.
  15. Benben

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    >>Tell me again how much money UPS made last year. I am sorry, but saying a company that made over 3 BILLION dollars last year is in trouble is idiocy at its best!!
    FedEx currently has a slew of legal problems in the pipeline and if you don't think those will level the playing field you need a wakeup call. Companies will find alternatives? Lemme guess.....DHL? The game is UPS, FedEx and USPS....these are THE ONLY GAMES IN TOWN!!! Companies won't start their own their own delivery fleets...1/2 those I know of who currently have their own fleets have alread,y or are currently shutting them down! 1 accident and they have lost 3x's the money they saved and thats before you factor in the costs of starting the fleet up in the first place!

    UPS is doing fine folks! The company is trimming down the size of it's management! The recession saw fewer packages being sent out BY EVERYONE!! This meant fewer routes in and why wouldn't it mean the need for less management? The person in management blamming the union for the company's problem is the same person that has had upper management look at him/her and question exactly what they are doing and wondering why they are getting paid for it!
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    I am sorry, but saying a company that made over 3 BILLION dollars last year is in trouble is idiocy at its best.
    "FYI" The US Financial Accounting Standards Board was poised on Tuesday to publish two staff papers that would allow banks and other companies more freedom in how they value financial assets. More securities would be valued by computer models rather than current market prices and many are expected to go up in value. "fair value accounting change google it"
    Do you think UPS messed with their numbers?

    30-Sep-09 30-Jun-09 31-Mar-0931-Dec-08Assets

    Current AssetsCash And Cash Equivalents
    2,242,000 2,818,000 3,738,000 507,000
    Short Term Investments
    546,000 529,000 814,000 542,000
    Net Receivables
    5,854,000 5,524,000 5,591,000 6,688,000 Inventory- - - - Other Current Assets
    924,000 1,311,000 1,225,000 1,108,000
    Total Current Assets
    9,566,000 10,182,000 11,368,000 8,845,000
  17. fantomas

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    Then why do they cut benefits? why do they layoff people?
    Greed will destroy that company just like many others on Wall Street.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Greed is good.

    Gordon Gecko
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    There's suppose to be a Gordon Gecko II. Can't wait !!
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Coming out in May. Watched the previews yesterday. Looks good but he is getting old.