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    I'll try and make a long story short, four months ago I applied online for a UPS Truckload job and at the same time a local (San Diego) load driver position. I was contacted right away about the Truckload position, I went through the process and was hired. Two weeks into the job I was sent a text alert for the local load driver position. I filled out all the forms and disclosures online but was told since I'm already employed I can only apply for positions on I let my manager know I wanted to work locally, he supported me in my decision but I get the feeling there isn't a whole lot he can do to help me transfer. I contacted my recruiter and was told I would have to quit my current job to be considered for the local position. I don't have a problem quitting but I'm wondering if anyone knows who I would contact or go and see in person about the open positions in Chula Vista or in San Diego 92121 to see if they re interested in hiring me before I quit. Any help is appreciated.
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    My 2 cents... if your current mgmt team likes you, they'll likely attempt to sabotage you getting the other job so they won't lose you. Don't think anyone in mgmt. at Brown has your best interest at heart. They may, but don't assume it. With Peak coming up, you can get the loader position back if you quit, so don't sweat that part of the equation. Wish I could help further...