Noob: Question on out for delivery status

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    Good evening folks!

    Before I make a big deal out of nothing, i just wanted to get some perspective from people who work at UPS.

    I've never had anything delivered by UPS before. I see that in my area they are using Golf Karts to haul boxes and stuff in our neighborhood. Not sure where they park the main truck.

    Anyways how's the work load during these times? Reason I ask is that I had a package come from China and everything went smoothly and fast until it arrived at my local hub. This is what's going on


    I mean it got rescheduled for Friday after it didn't make it on Thursday, then it got reschedule for this Monday for the same reason. Just wondering if it has to do with a lot of packages being delivered or should I start worrying about a lost package?

    What do you guys think?