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  1. 705red

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    I had several deliveries today from nordstroms. This has been one of dhls biggest accounts for some time. Has anyone else noticed any nordstrom or dell yet?

    I talked with the dhl guy in my area today and they have cut several hundred jobs here in chicago already and now have them starting at 830am delivering and than doing pick ups, while someone else loads their trucks and unloads it. At one time dhl had close to 900 drivers here including casuals and now they are at 600 expecting more job loses in the near future.

    This really sucks for me here because dhl are members of the teamsters here and i want nothing more than to see than our competion to at least be unionized. This is good for ups, and good if your in a multi employer pension fund. This is great news for our non union competitor fed ex, i sure hope obama keeps his promise when he gets in.
  2. cino321

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    Yeah I had a few lately too, including one basic, not sure whats up with that.
  3. Mike Hawk

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    Some companies ship what ever is cheapest for any given package size/weight, like will ship with UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS to get the cheapest shipping. Target will ship anything it can basic, the rest goes ground.
  4. ups710

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    we picked up the nordstroms account in iowa, i heard we had them but lost them in the last strike. I heard that the volume would increase in desmoines alone 15000-20000 a day and that its suppose to start sometime next month
  5. barnyard

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    I have had Nordstroms and call tags for Dell.

    I would think that with the "back and forth" that we had with Dell several years ago, that they could be hesitant to come back to us. Not that I am anxiously awaiting their return......

  6. haydendavid380

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    The last couple of days, the guy that loads across the belt from me has been getting HUGE dumps from Dell. I've just noticed it recently.
  7. trickpony1

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    I talked to a driver out of Chicago very recently who said UPS has taken down 100 CPU runs due to the threat of a strike and FedEx lowballing us by signing 2 year contracts with shippers who were afraid of the strike that never happened.
    Is this true?
  8. tieguy

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    What promise are you expecting Obama to keep that would restore DHL to viability here?
    Did Obama promise to bail out DHL?
  9. rushfan

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    He's promising CHANGE! (although I don't know what change means).
  10. sortaisle

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    both candidates promise change. both candidates are probably full of crap, however, I would rather vote for a candidate that keeps business up and running. Obama wants to hook the worker up which is ok, but he's going to kill business. Sometimes, I think the union forgets that the business needs to make money to pay the employees. But it sucks both ways because, UPS acts like it's starving, and they clearly aren't. Neither candidate is going to do much to help the economy, it will correct itself like it always has. We'll see who gets elected. Obama looses ground everyday. I do not want to vote Obama, his social policies run afoul with my morals, but I don't like McCain either. I guess I'll end up voting for him though, he's by far the lesser of two evils in my opinion.
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  11. yet again I don't like either candidate. I'd rather not vote but I always do, just can't figure out who it'll be yet. Maybe write in myself? haha jk
  12. moreluck

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    Westside.....I sense that you just want someone to tell you how to vote. I will step up to the task.....

    Please vote for John McCain.....because I would look really bad in a burka!!

    Experience McCain !!
  13. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    I wish they would take some work. We got more hours than you can shake a stick at. Making lots of money sucks.
  14. evilleace

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    No bring on the volume just add more routes.
  15. upsgrunt

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    Is it me, or are the basic packages going to the Post Offices getting bigger and heavier? It used to be mainly small bags of clothes or check orders and now LTD is getting hot and heavy and size does not matter!:happy-very:
  16. Mike Hawk

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    Our basic PO's are getting lighter, mainly because many of the basics are being SPA'd to the person they are going to rather than the post office. I am pretty sure it is shipper error, I had to call Target to get a tracking number for a basic package once, they gave me 2, one that was linked to the PO it was going to, the other was linked to the persons address. Someone accidentally put the wrong tracking number on the box.
  17. pkgdriver

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    Aren't Fred Smith and McCain good buddies. Vote for him and give Fred Ex more advantages... LMAO

    Obama...probably not

    Ill vote Ron Paul/Barr/Nader
  18. tieguy

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    thats what the guys at REA express used to say about UPS.
  19. hangin455

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    I'm old enough to remember REA but I doubt that a lot of people on here have any idea what Tie referred to. They USED to be UPS before UPS was the big kid on the block. I'm here 30 years and I remember guys long ago telling me how they'd see the REA truck full of packages and the UPS truck half full. They too used say "hey why don't you UPS guys take some of these packages so I don't have so much work to do?" They've been out of business since 1975. Complacent attitudes toward the competition is a bad idea.
    Here's a brief history of REA
  20. browniehound

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    Hey Westside,
    It doesn't matter who you vote for in the presidential election because you live in Massachusetts. The democratic presidential canidate always wins this state. So I think you should write yourself in Westside. If you do, I will vote for you, LOL.

    Did you know in the year Nixon was elected he won every state except one?

    You guessed it, MA voted for Mcgovern.

    I believe this proves that the citizens of this state completely ignore the other canidate. They don't want to hear what he has to say and they don't read about where he stands on the important issues. This disturbs me a "little bit".

    During presidential elections we could simplify the procedure in Massachusetts voting booths and get the same outcome. the democratic canidate's name should not even be listed. It should just be a blue button!

    You KNOW the majority would push the hypothetical blue button. :whiteflag: