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    Delta is not going to keep Northwest cargo. This is huge for UPS air cargo, the potential for additional revenue especially going through Alaska is tremendous...... Warning Not confirmed.
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    Nothing on here ever is.
    Rumors are more fun anyway.
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    Found this........................

    At the risk of treading on some probably very sore nerves,, what is the "latest" on Northwest's, or Delta Red,'s or Delta North's cargo ops?
    Twelve-ish 742's were advertised as going to the boneyard, by the end of year at the latest. The economy not withstanding,, well the economy is.. well.
    The presence or absence of that much lift has got to be felt in the Pac-rim.

    So, in the spirit of I'll show mine if you show me your's, this is either "known" or logically assumed:

    - Delta south will not soil themselves with cargo = 742's not going to other markets.
    - A great deal of the past flying was ACMI-ish for DHL,, DHL now has it's own 744 fleet, so the main customer is gone.
    - DHL already heads the list for 747-8's when they come online, don't even bother to underbid.
    - If Delta North were interested in persueing cargo in any form, 744 pax birds would already be in line for conversion to BCF's.
    - JAL, SIA, and several others are having clearence sales on BCF feed stock, but not a peep from Atlanta.
    - Pratt powered,, enough said. (I LOVE the PW-4000,, but the JT-9 is ecomonically dead)
    - Regulations/rules will kill the 742 soon, even if fuel prices don't.
    - See first point.
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    and this..................

    [FONT=ARIAL,]Just FYI - DL/NW operated the last NW Cargo [COLOR=red !important][COLOR=red !important]flight[/COLOR] today. Quoting from our intranet:

    Northwest Flight 908 departed [COLOR=red !important][COLOR=red !important]Osaka[/COLOR][/COLOR], Japan, and arrived in [COLOR=red !important][COLOR=red !important]Chicago[/COLOR][/COLOR] with 73 tons of cargo, an 89% load factor. Northwest Flight 906 departed Shanghai, [COLOR=red !important][COLOR=red !important]China[/COLOR][/COLOR], and arrived in Los Angeles with 81 tons of cargo, a 99% load factor.

    [FONT=ARIAL, Helvetica, Geneva]View Large View Medium

    Photo © Karl Drage - Global [COLOR=red !important][COLOR=red !important]Aviation
    [/COLOR] Resource[/COLOR]

    Sad to think we won't be seeing those great 742Fs lugging around in the sky any more.


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    ill confirm northwests last revenue flight from AK last week all their 747 pilots are being trained on 300s and 757s