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    Today a PT Supervisor attacked me by screaming at me and wanted to fight me. He was in my face telling me I needed to respect him and call him Sir. Why do they allow this?:angry:
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    I think PT explains it all.

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    If this is for real then do what you are supposed to do and, NO, of course they don't allow this.

    Tell your SS and if that doesn't help take the situation off property.

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    To be honest, I am aware of 3 or 4 times there were fights on the part time shift that ended up involving the police so if you were threatened by a supervisor I don't see a problem chucking him/her (hopefully a him) under the bus.

    and then put the bus in reverse and back over him again:happy-very:
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    Do your job the best you can & ignore him,he will move on to someone else next time. If he persist on attacking you,threaten him with a grievence for harrasment or better yet the UPS conduct hotline,but in NO WAY TOUCH HIM !!! YOU WILL BE GONE !!!
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    Tell him to meet you in back of Boston at a certain time. And if your not there, have him start without you.
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    Did you do anything to make the supervisor upset? I'm not saying the supervisors' actions were justified but actions like this are usually provoked. Telling you to call them sir was probably just because they were angry. I have never called any supervisors by sir or mam unless we have never seen each other before, and no supervisor has gotten upset by it. I think that people you work closely with and arent much higher up the ladder then you should be addressed by just their first name. Someone way up the ladder or someone outsite of work you have never met before should probably be addressed by sir or mam.


    He was upset because I was walking off packages at the end of the shift and he wanted full time people to do so.

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    I guess everyone at Browncafe found out where UPSSOCKS works out of !! :happy-very:
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    I have a way of solving your problem llegally and a effective way unfortunately ii cant tell you on open forum figure out a way to talk to me on the cafe chat room ill tell you what you need to do . id DO IT THAT WAY BECAUSE of all of the chat room laywers. would be to much.
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    I would have LOL'd in his face :funny: I don't take crap from PT sups. Only people allowed to give me crap at UPS are my driver sups and the center manager.

    For that fool I think I would start and finish every sentence with sir. And only do exactly what he instructs, nothing more or less. Especially when the instructions cause mayhem and catastrophe.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    This kind of crap works only in third world countries. He's trying to find anyone who would be stupid enough to call him "sir".
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    If you choose to follow this advice, promise us you'll wear your seat belt, and toot the horn before backing. :happy-very:
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    Jim Kelly used to say, "We're all on a first name basis at UPS".
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    And that, Over, is actually written in black and white in the Code of Business Conduct. Would you like me to quote it for you?:happy2:

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    That is a great point. I had many managers in my 15 years where I would always call them Mr. ? out of respect, and they would always correct me and tell me to call them their first name.
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    I was told on my first day that everyone is one a first name basis. I was told that if the CEO were to come to our building that I should address him by his first name. I would not do that out of respect both for the man and for the position.

    I agree with a previous member who said that we should address those who we do not know as either sir or ma'am. Maybe it is just the ex-military in me but I appreciate when I am addressed as sir by someone who I do not know. There is a PT preload sup in my center who I coached in baseball who still addresses me as Mr. even though I have repeatedly asked him to call me Dave. As many of you of know, "dude" just doesn't cut it with me.

    As for the OP, simply reply with a blank stare and then walk away.
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    Don't call him SIR call him by his first name if he has a problem with that is to bad you aren't in the military. Better yet next time he starts yelling or talking to you just keep doing your job like he's not even there. Of course if he ask you a question you should anwser it but other than that don't talk to him you don't have to.

    The only thing you have to remember is that if you get into a pissing match with him or worse there going to send you home for the day or permently.

    Alot of the PT Sup are kids they get on a power kick and think because they are a SUP they can act like a total A-hole to everyone and everyone has to put up with it.

    Sooner or later he will be looking for another job and you will still be working at UPS than you will have the last laugh.
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    My on-car sup (who is the same age as my oldest son) has a bad habit of calling everyone by their last name. I don't like it one bit and I called him on it one day. I pointed out that we are supposed to be on a first name basis. He told me that he did that becasue it is the way he was around his friends and he felt it showed respect.

    I guess that is the difference in generations. He has since made efforts to correct his habit. :happy2:
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    I guess I better check my birth certificate then because I`m pretty sure my first names not *********.
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