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    Hi Ive been with the company for only 2/12 years, hired full time cdl/dockworker from day 1. Im in a non bid position and now with all these cuts that weve been having my TM says that when i go to work at my scheduled start time im not guaranteed any number of hours but if casuals come in they are guaranteed at least 4 hrs. Can i be sent home before my 8th hr if there are casuals working
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    You better check your contract. You DO have a contract, don't you?

    Your TM wasn't meaning any number of O/T hours, were they?
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    Hey Race yes we have a contract my TM is going off of Article 18 section 1 were it says "that casuals are gauranteed 4hrs when scheduled to report to work.

    Section 2 says " 90% of full time employees holding BID jobs will be guaranteed a minnimum of 8 hrs.

    Since i am NOT in a BIDDED position I am Not Gauranteed any hours so he is telling us (9 of us are not in bidded positions) that he can send us home after any number of hours worked even though they have casuals there or coming into work that day
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    The way the language is interpreted in package is, If you come to wark and clock in, you are guaranteed 8hrs if you are in the top 90% seniority, The 4 hrs is show up pay(its 6hrs for us) meaning if you are told to show up and sent home after you arive without actually working, you are guaranteed 4hrs pay. The show up pay is for any and all drivers regardless of seniority.

    The bottom 10 percent are not guaranteed 8hrs, however seniority will always prevail. If you request 8hrs and are sent home before and someone of lesser seniority gets their 8, you have a grievance!

    You should definately file for your 8hr guarantee if your not getting it and let the B/A sort it out at the hearings. UPS management will try to pull off whatever they can to an undereducated workforce. It will help all of you to go to the general membership meetings and get yourself educated on the language in your contract!!

    Good Luck!
    I would like to hear how this comes out for you!!