Not letting me do my extra job.

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    I work feeder unload. But have an extra position in which I leave half way through the night to walk-off feeder trailers. My supervisor just informed me that my area is short staffed and they are filling my walkoff position in with an alternate and keeping me in my area. I told him they couldnt do this because it conflicts with seniority rules. CAN THEY DO THIS?
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    Check your bid to see if it's in writing, otherwise work as directed.
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    "It depends" on your local and area rules.

    In my building, you can be pulled from a preferred job ahead of a junior member if they're short staffed at a skilled position. For example, a 10 year person that can sort on the sort aisle can be pulled ahead of a 5 year person that isn't sort qualified from the irreg line on a temporary basis for coverage as they must be "qualified to perform the work" when "temporarily reducing the staffing" of an area under our supplement

    If it's being done permanently, then you need to grieve it as the company has a responsibility to fill those jobs via hiring.. especially if it's costing you an opportunity to work additional hours.
  4. Most pt unloads are not bid positions. WAD
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    Problem solved.

    Typical case of a PT that got too big for his britches.
    Called a Union Steward from another area and he told them that while other lower seniority people were still available to unload then they could'nt pull me from my job. Sent the lower seniority person that was taking my Walkoff duty to do my unload since they have the exact same training as me but lower seniority.

    PT Supervisor threw a fit because he thinks hub school and a radio on his shoulder makes people do what he wants without question. End of the night his Full-Timer told him to pipe down and get over it. Sad thing is it wasn't even my PT Sup. that instigated the situation. Was a guy from a completely different area.