Not stop per car anymore.

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    Last week are whole building got to go to a safety briefing with the building manager. During the briefing it was brought up that each day some cars are going out of the building with space on the shelves. The manager said that this shouldn't happen. We explained that just because there is space doesn't mean that we don't have alot of stops. The manager then replied that there shouldn't be any empty space on the shelves.

    So I guess now it's load the car to it full no matter how many stops that might be. All in the name to cut another route.
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  3. UPSGUY72

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    That what the group of drivers where thinking to. But the manager was serious he even had pictures and said this shouldn't be happening.
  4. TheDick

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    I've noticed that going on lately, But now the preload stuffs my shelves with bulk then loads single stops on floor. Go figure. Dog and pony show for the division mgr on paper?
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    I HATE it when they do this...GRRRRRRRRRRRR
    sometimes I'm amazed to find 35 stops all buried RFR
    Full Shelves Eh...this dude has no obvious clue involving reality.
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    Not exactly a new concept for UPS. We had a stop at my old center that got a couple of dozen max-size rolls of foam rubber about every other week. There were days when 5 or 6 trucks got their "empty places" filled up with these.
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    I'm not at all surprised. I know they think that a full truck is an efficient truck, but there are realities. There's one fella who drives a p700 who has nothing on the floor and most of shelf 8 open. 175 stops.
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    They they should make the AM air drivers go out with full shelves as well.
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    What is old, is new again.

    My route started in a 400, it got full.
    Progressed to a P32, it got full.
    Upgraded to a P5, it got full.
    Now, I have a P7 and it is full everyday.

    I really am concerned-(cough)-about our low volume.

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    My loader piled packages from floor to ceiling and lets the 3-8K shelves with nothing on them. I thought i was being punked that day.
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    Tell the center manager that you want a management team with no space between it`s ears.
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    Then we would have too go back to self direct.
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    Two things strike me as odd. First, how is this a subject for a safety meeting? Secondly, how is this something that needs to addressed with drivers? Isn't this a subject more apropriately discussed in a meeteing with the preload manager?
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    It was a safety meeting they explained how accidents cost money and that it's cheaper to have a driver work OT than to get in an accident because they make bad decisions trying deliver a package (ie speeding, parking, following to close, ETC). The cost of gas was also brought up which lead to the empty shelves situation.
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    Years ago, on preload, we basically managed ourselves. The manager would show up at 6am, when we started at 3:30.
    We were #1 in the district. Now, we have a preload sup(new one, thank God), a dispatch sup, the center manager, and the safety girl. We are last in the district. Do the math.
  16. UPSGUY72

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    too many cooks in the kitchen
  17. ORLY!?!

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    " Amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics " Napoleon Bonaparte
  18. hurricanegunner

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    Anyone who skips their break to accomodate this lunacy should be ashamed of themselves.
  19. Cementups

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    This was the situation in our HUB as well at one point. Gone are those good old days :( I even had a time where the sup asked me to come in early and showed me where all the power switches were that needed to be turned on to start the Preload up. He asked me to come in about an hour and a half early and start the place up and go about my shift. I'm pretty sure we broke a rule or three that day.
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    its the oppisite here. Its shelves are full pile everything in the middle. Can't walk threw my truck till 1:00