Not sure if I'm enrolled in 401K

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    I've been part time with UPS for many years and I choose to invest my money in my own way, so even though I know how the 401K works I'm not interested in it at this time. Please don't tell me that I should be in the 401K because I have made my decision concerning this. I am almost completely sure I'm not enrolled in the 401K as I don't recall ever signing up for it, maybe I did a long time ago when I first started at UPS and I just dont recall, and maybe the information pertaining to my 401K account isn't in an obvious place like my pay stub. I've been receiving the "Summary Annual Report" for the 401K but this doesnt tell me anything relating to me only. Further evidence that I'm pretty sure I'm not in the 401K is that I don't have an account with Prudential's retirement website, and I don't recall ever signing up an account there, plus I don't see any deductions on my pay stub relating to any sort of retirement, only union dues or tax related deductions. So again maybe I did enroll in the 401k many years back but I want to verify this.

    Am I missing something on my pay stub that tells me if I'm enrolled in the 401K plan, or should I just talk to the HR people and ask them if I am enrolled?

    I guess I could call the 800 number, but if my pay stub tells me if I am or am not enrolled then I don't need to.
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    You would see the deduction on your paycheck.
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    You can call 1-800-537-0189 to find out for sure if you are enrolled or not but from everything you have said it appears that you are not enrolled, which is certainly your choice. I personally prefer the 401k for the ease of contributing through payroll deduction.
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    Check your paystub, over where the deductions are it will say Prud and then a number (which is the % you contribute per check)