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    So I'll just do it here, sorry if it's the wrong spot.

    But anyway I have worked at UPS for about 6 months now, as an unloader, I really like the job but since we hit peak season I have been getting moved to the load wall every day.. and I'm not the lowest on senority in my area.. there are 3 people under me, so I'm curious am I allowed to say no.. I don't want to go, send somebody lower than me?

    A bunch of my co-workers have told me I'm able to do that but it seems strange, it's honestly causing a lot of stress on me because I've been trained to be an unloader and they just throw me into these new situations where I dont feel very safe and i feel like im doing it wrong, I just don't feel comfortable doing it... I feel like tonight if they send me there again I'll want to just leave.. but I'm really upset about this and need to know.

    Or is it specific to how the union works? is it different at all UPS hubs?
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    Article 22, Section 4 of the National Master says you can bid a job if you have six months Seniority. Your regular Unload job is (IMHO) your "bid" job by default, (even though you didn't formally bid it.)

    Employees with less Seniority should be sent to the Load before you, but you can't refuse a direct order. UPS is a dictatorship. The Teamsters are OK with this. You must do as Management says, so long as it isn't illegal or dangerous. "Work Now, Grieve Later."

    Talk to your Steward about Seniority. If you are forced to Load, ask for proper training.

    [Tieguy, is this you up to your old tricks?]
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    Easy solution. Suck at loading. You`ll never get placed there again.
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    What's wrong? Loading is the best job at UPS
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    Depending on your building there might not be bid jobs For PT's. In the building I started working as a PT everyone started out making $9.50. The only thing seniority gave you was the right to work and right to extra work in seniority order. You didn't have the right to a specific job based on seniority they put you where you worked best.

    As others have said if you do a bad enough job loading you will get sen back to the unload.
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    If you work the load long enough I think you'll come to find its wayyyy better than unloading. I love it, unloading is so boring imo
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    Some hubs are more lucky than others apparently. If you 'suck' on the load line, they will be just lucky to even have you! As our UPS management says 'hey they might be horrible but it's 'warm bodies'. They breed supervisors at our hub as well, in the 'back wall'. Probably why they closed that off. So no one can see what their up too. haha. =]
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    Really ???? tell that to the Pilots !!
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    I tried that with shifting lol it didn't work !!