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    When and where do we pick up our pay check? Is it mailed you have to go in every week on a certain day? Do you pick it up from HR? Thanks if anyone can help.

  2. Sorry, I can't help. I can give a lot of smart alleck comments though.
    I'm sure you'll get good advice here.

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    Hehe :)
    I work out on the ramp, so this may be totally different from how it's done in the hub...but I have seen sups pass paychecks out on Thursdays...and my paycheck shows up on the UPSers website on Thursdays as I am paperless...that's all I know to tell ya....
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    Go paperless direct deposit and you won't have to worry about this.

    If you prefer receiving a paper check, they are normally available Thursday mornings. Our OMS clerk passes them out to the drivers while the PT sups pass them out to the preloaders.
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    We get ours friday mornings, we have little boxws the company uses to pyt papers in, they stick them in therre. I would ask your direct sup.