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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by bleujade, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. bleujade

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    I recently viewed my check online to see if I had got paid my correct hours for last week. Last week I worked 18.7 hours ( this is what I got after adding it up) but on my paycheck it says regular 15.41 and guarantee 2.41 and adding that up I got 17.82. Can someone please let me know if I'm missing time or did my supervisor alloted time somewhere else or shaved some minutes off.
    I have been writing down my time and my hours on my check don't match my hours that I write down. HELP!!!!
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  2. pickup

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    I'll start the ball rolling 15.41 plus 2.41 equals 17.82 . How did you come up with the number 18.1?
  3. bleujade

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    That is SO my bad! But am I still missing time from my check when my hours after I wrote them down came up to be 18.7?
  4. pickup

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    Make sure your numbers are correct and if there is still a difference between what you come up with and what you are owed. Talk to your supervisor and ask why you didn't get paid what you should have with the figures on a peace of paper.

    Better answers than mine are coming on this thread but ignore upssock's reply, he will just say he stole the difference.

    I now see your edited post where you put the correct figure in . Make sure you didn't make any additional "addition" errors(bad pun,I know.) with the calculations that you used to add up the hours for each individual day that you worked.
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    Hopefully you wrote down your start and finish time for each day last week.

    Bring this to your supervisor and look on the computer to see if your times match theirs.

    When I was PT the supervisors were very helpful in this situation. And if my times didn't match theirs usually they would change them without hesitation.

    But our timeclock kept a tally of your hours for the week. So if something was off we'd get it changed before the info was sent off to payroll.
  6. UnsurePost

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    UPS will always take minutes away EVEN if you keep track of hours and they know it. Very few management people in this company has 100% integrity even if they claim they do or try their best to maintain it.

    The best thing to do is go to your FT sort manager and steward and make them both aware of the missing time. Chances are you are not alone.

    Last paycheck I am missing 20 minutes of overtime. They know I write down my hours and watch it like a hawk, so it goes to show you how shady this company is!

    If it is a difference of under $30 (which it sounds like), they will have to give you the time you were shorted in the next paycheck, so let them know Today or Tomorrow.
  7. UPSF Peeon

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    they steal from our checks every week, modnay i worked an hour of overtime, i check my ours tuesday and its there, wednesday its gone

    then the TM says i didnt clock out monday

    happens to people every single week, they steal our time but if we stole theres wed be terminated on the spot

    all the grievances in the world havent fixed this problem....our TM told us he wipes his ass with our grievances