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  1. DS

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    A business in my area had a warehouse sale friday...all high end furniture and carpets.The prices stated retail and sale price,retail $5297 $2200 sale price.As I browsed a girl I know from delivering there asked if I saw anything I liked.I said this sure aint walmart eh...I never heard of a $5000 coffee table in my world...heres a link to the type of stuff they sell
  2. rod

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    That stuff would look good setting on the front porch of my double-wide:peaceful:
  3. chev

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    :surprised:Prices are outrageous.
    $3,416 for that? I wouldn't pay $416 let alone $3416.
  4. scratch

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    My father had a furniture/appliance store. I was raised in the business. Most of the furniture in my house is solid cherry and oak, and one bedroom is antique mahogany. There is a giant markup on furniture. Most furniture I see in stores is garbage. I never go by the brand, but rather by its construction. I will pull drawers out or flip stuff over to see the quality of how its made. The less metal fasteners, the better. Its certainly "buyer beware" when shopping for furniture. You can sometimes get good deals in closeouts and it doesn't hurt to try offer a dealer a lower price than what they offer. $5,000 for a coffee table? You could have one custom built cheaper than that.
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  5. over9five

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    Custom built, cheaper, and a heckuva lot nicer looking!
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    I saw that same table sell at a garage sale for $5, albeit, it was true mid century (1950's) solid wood piece.
  7. LiL"Comet"

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    That's funny seen it at Big Lots!:surprised: for about umm.. $3,000 less lol
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    My daughter took a temporary job at a warehouse for a major department store. One of her tasks was to wrap furniture, so being the inquisitive girl that she is, she scanned the cost to the store and the cost to the consumer.

    The cost to the store was $127 and if you wanted to buy the piece it was $600.

    I recently purchased a new bedroom set, figure it will be the last one, and spent $8,000 for a king size bed, dresser and 2 oversize end tables. The furniture is solid maple, and very well constructed, with dovetail drawers and very nice details.

    Of course, I tried to get my husband to shop with me, he told me furniture is like buying a car, he had no interest and blew me off.

    That was until the furniture was delivered and I had to pay the balance. So, if your wives ever ask you to go shopping for furniture, you just may want to go.

    As far as the car, he did go with me when I bought a new BMW, only because he wanted his name on the title.
  9. rod

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    Remember- women out live men. I always tell my wife to pick out what she thinks her next husband will like:peaceful: