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    I'd like to see replies explaining; how trying to obtain an ever increasing piece per hour rate in an aging facility with larger cube freight is realistic. also how attempting to make PPH is related to return on investment, when damages continue to increase. Our mgmt seem to only chase the PPH every day and then once a month say they'll reduce the damages next month. As long as they chase the unrealistic PPH how is this the correct number to obtain when packages get left behind or damaged every sort? Does PPH actually lead to profitability?
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    Work safely and efficiently.
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    The ideal would be to obtain the optimum PPH with zero damages, missorts or left in buildings. We all know reality is far from the ideal. Let mgt worry about the numbers--you just do the best job that you can in the safest manner possible.
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    Your sups aren't worried about managing the business, they are worried about managing their careers.

    There is no accurate way to quantify damage reduction into a metric that can be assigned to each work group; therefore, damage reduction will always be something that takes a back seat to PPH. The bottom line is that it is more profitable for us to keep on cramming that volume thru the grinder at high speed and then mopping up the mess at the other end. "Damage reduction" is one of those things that we will occasionally pay lip service to in order to maintain the illusion that it is a priority. Every few months there might be a PCM about it, or maybe someone from corporate will come up with a new acronym or buzz word for us to recite, but the underlying issues that cause damages will never be addressed.
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    At my center, they write up the spa people if they scan a damage. Why the unloaders don't just put damages aside til the end, I will never understand. I can't count the number of times I have said this to no avail.
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    Pieces per hour pay our checks. In our hub 1200 pph is the the goal. PPH divided by # of employees divided by hours in the sort span = profitability or lack of profitability.
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    keep drinking the brown cool-aid!!!
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    And I'll keep drinking the brown beer.
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    what kills me is achieving MSD pph--only to have the MSD changed to a higher PPH, although there have been no changes to job set up, facilities or technology- It is a testament to me that...YES....your plan should be just ouf of reach at all times. Success is unacceptable- It means you will become complacent.
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    This post reminds me of the old greyhound dog race tracks. The dogs were trained to chase a mechanical rabbit around the track. Every once in a while one of the dogs would catch the rabbit. The dog would no longer race after that and would have to either be destroyed or put up for adoption/rescue.
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    How is that a lie? It is very simple, yet hard for you to process.

    You would run this company into the ground. Thank God there are not people like you in management
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    Wasn't sure who you were talking to, so I went back 5 days to figure it out.
    Seems you're sucked into the shortcut, do anything to save a minute, pph, mentality so bad that it has spilled into your BC skill set.
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    Yeah, I don't know what any of that means. All I'm saying is there is no pph goal that is difficult to attain.
    Hourly employees just need to man up and do it.
    Stop asking when can we go home, you can go home after your 3 hour work day!

    As far as drivers go, if I was making $31 an hour they would have a hard getting me off the clock, so not a lot of
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    Tell me that after 20 years punk!!!
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    you're oblivious are'nt you.
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    upser08 if you want you could call me upser88. Are you even 23 years old? And yes those persistent 12 hour days stiil suck at $31 and $46 per hour
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    Another genius in a cubicle. I suppose it all makes sense on paper.
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    even for management...we are there before you get there and long after you leave.....
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    My management team is normally at home eating dinner with their family while I am still out cleaning up after another one of their "bright ideas".