NYS Pension Vote

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    Anyone else have issues with the voting ballot? Atleast 7 drivers in our building were given part-timer ballots instead of full-time. The problem is that the FT ballots were mailed out earlier and due earlier and so by the time we received the PT ballots and notified our steward about the error it was too late.... as the FT ballots were due on Monday. I called the local and complained and they basically tried to defuse the issue by saying the FT ballots were mostly counted and 55 was likely the winner. Now I don't know if they said that to passify me or not. I do know that all us drivers who weren't listed as FT would have voted for 55. I find it hard to believe they don't know we were FT or PT yet they have no problem getting FT dues from us each month.
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    We had a meeting on the proposed changes and voted right after the meeting. We also had two separate ballots, FT and PT. Schedule E (55) won by a landslide but it is the votes for all of the locals under the NYS Teamster Pension Plan that counts. The reason they had to have them in so soon was to have UPS direct our Aug 1st split raise to the union to be directed toward the pension if either Schedule D or E had been voted in. We will not see our 2nd split raise for 2011 and 2012 or the first one in 2013--these will go directly to the pension.