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    Any of you guys have long layoff lists and the drivers that do work are getting 10 to 12 hours daily? Our center is cutting routes right and left... I wonder what will happen when the volume comes back. I don't think it would hurt them to run even one more route than planned to ease up on some of the other guys. There seems to be no family/human aspect at all anymore.
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    Are you kidding? Family and Human aspect at UPS. They dont want you there. UPS culture does not allow for Family or anything related to your own well being. I mean come on! If you get hurt tomorrow no matter the circumstance it will be your fault and they will show you the door. Excessive OT has always been a huge part of UPS culture because it saves them money in Atlanta. The crap economy now makes a great excuse for it. I am not being negative but just honest. It is what it is!
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    In our Center all of the Supervisors and Managers are gone by 17:00 and drivers drag in until after 20:00. At least Management get's to see thier families.