Obama Disses the reagans

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by tieguy, Nov 9, 2008.

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    UMMM, TIEGUY, Didn't you watch Fox News yet? President Elect Obama has already apologized for a off the cuff comment.

    Obama was asked if he had contacted former Presidents and a off hand joke was made regarding Nacy Reagans astrology and spirits and the past Ronald Reagan

    Obama didn't say anything bad anyway but he chose to call Nancy Reagan and (1) apologize AND (2) LET Nancy know that he meant no harm.

    Class act if you ask me.

    TIEGUY, But nice try trying to create a new spin on doing some damage to a future u.s. president.

    I take it the spin on the Dem Congress didn't work?

    Why not just bring up the Rev WRIGHT or Bill Ayers. Oh! but that also didn't stick
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    ah, Mike next time click on the link before replying.
    It would stop you from looking so foolish .
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    Baba gounj, I did click the link and read the article.

    Seriously, What did I miss?
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    what you missed was the event had not yet been discussed here on BC.

    What it may show is a total disrespect that O may have for the position and those that have held the position in the past.

    The idea would be to not make off hand comments that you have to apologize for later.
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    Nancy Reagan was President...missed that one.

    I saw this live and LMAO at the remark. I did wince as it was a bit insensitive and I knew Sean would be all over this like a fly on chips.
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    I watched it live too, and my first thought was, "Did he forget that she's still alive?" It may have been alright to say something like that if she had passed years ago.

    It was also an outright lie. Nancy Reagan never held séances. I believe she consulted an astrologer?

    I commend Obamas apology to Nancy Reagan, but I think he should also apologize to the American people.
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    think you're right... the seances were with Mary Todd Lincoln
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    Yeah. Of course he had to grovel for showing his true colors. :wink2: