Obama Gaffes

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by chev, Oct 26, 2008.

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    gaffs and outright lies
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    This isnt fair! Chev, how dare you post this type of stuff, are you really someone else?


    Didnt you live in Tennessee?

    LOL just kidding!

    Funny stuff!:happy-very:
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  5. tieguy

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    I'm sorry Susan it won't work. I know who you are.
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  6. chev

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    Tit for tat, right? I know. I was going through the McCain gaffes too.
    It's funny when anyone trips up and reveals the truth accidentally.
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    Paying your FAIR of taxes doesn't define Socialism. I don't understand your claim here Cheryl?..

    In the Wealth of Nations, one should pay in proportion to what one makes and if you make millions and billions yes you got it, you will pay in proportion to what you make so please lay off the socialism claim . Nobody is buying it but incompetent lost souls! I understand if you keep flinging mud like McCain has in his campaign some might stick!

    But remember it is only MUD!

    NO MCPLAIN!!!!!

    150k shopping spree is going to be a common if Sarah gets in. How could someone spend that much money on clothes. It blows my mind!

    This is a VP running mate spending money like this?

    MCCLAIN + Palin -Bush =the same ole!
  8. The Other Side

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    Hey, I can laugh along just as well!

    These were funny!

    We all wish our "candidates" would'nt say something stupid, it just seems like McCain does it more frequently! LOL:happy-very:

    I know, I cringe when I see McCain on tv now, but I know OBAMA is getting better at slowing down the process and speaking slower to avoid a last minute slipup.

    For sarah, well, all the coaching in the world would'nt make me an NFL quarterback just like it wont help her be VP!!

    Thanks for the laughs!!
  9. tieguy

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    and yet the liberals are scared to death of her.
  10. chev

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    Nice party line. You should get into advertisement.

    Are you kidding? I already pay more than my fair share now! I refuse to pay for illegals and lazy asses to live here off the taxpayers dime....."spread the wealth"? How about "you f'ing earn it you keep it"! I have no problem with paying my FAIR share.
    Spread the wealth...ie. Socialism

    If I were to earn a million next year, what gives anyone the right to tax me higher and give what I have earned to someone that DIDN'T earn it? Screw that. I tell you what. How about you send me your wife once a week? Thats fair right? She wont mind. I mean, you gotta share the wealth after all.
    Whats mine is mine. Keep your f'ing hands off.

    Lets get back on topic. This was supposed to be a light hearted post.
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  11. tieguy

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    your candidate does not misspeak he lies
  12. chev

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    Tie, that second one is funny as hell. :laughing:
    Is McCain running for Bush's 4th term? :laughing:
    I feel something running up my leg. I think it's a rat! An Obama rat.

    He really is a BS artist.

    Again I will use a quote I have used before. "what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive".