Obama is a Communist?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Seems the folks who've been the experts on "what is a communist" for over 50 years (they know one when they see one :happy-very:) sure don't think he is. In fact, to them he's just another corporatist puppet as in a long succession of.

    About 1982' some Reagan voters (myself included) began to realize we'd bought a lemon in 1980' and I'm wondering if any Obama voters now 2 years in are getting the feeling they made the same mistake? Admission is the first step in the 12 step recovery program.


    BTW lefties, ever think you might share common ground with some righties at the John Birch Society in opposing corporatism? Sure blows that left/right construct a bit to hell don't it!
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    I like corporatism. I just think we could take care of our folks a bit better. Let's not be deceived: money rules in this country, and has for quite some time. Possibly over 200 years.
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    I agree with that, too, but don't forget to make this point :
    You read what it was like before the industrial revolution, right ?
    I wonder if he went a few steps backwards in recent years, myself ?

    The rich getting richer, and the poor , poorer - the middleclass slowly dying out !
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    gee whiz , they were the first ones to endorse back in 2007.
    which many thought was a fluke.
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    i love communism. i will tell you this for a fact. the highlited laws in,"the communist manifesto" are united states laws. i think i stated my case.
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    Obama's Communist past really is a testament to who he is today. His father was a communist as was his mother. His mother dated communists of whom became Obama's mentors as he was growing up. Obama admitted that in college he gravitated toward communist students and professors, and began his political career in the living room of two dedicated communists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. He told Joe the Plumber that we need to spread the wealth around, as well as business owners that they didn't build their own businesses. Its obvious Obama is a closet communist if anything else.
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    I believe the 100+ million people who died as a result of communism getting implemented in their home countries would disagree.
  9. It's up to what kind, Yugoslavian was fine with Tito you were more "free" as my parents dream back about it compare to now-days(Serbia), but the Russians were hard core and still having it's effect in the eastern EU countries.