Obama, The Dems, and the FAA Act

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Nov 8, 2010.

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    It's about time for Obama and the Democrats to grow a set, especially as it pertains to The FAA Reauthorization Act. In the 2 years since the Democrats took power in 2008, they've sat on their hands and let the Republicans bully them into inaction and compromise. Way to go Barack!!

    A lot of people say that Obama is so intelligent and wise that he's "playing chess" while the Republicans "play checkers". Maybe it's the other way around, or maybe he's actually playing Scrabble, OR maybe he's just a clueless wuss. In the meantime, Fred keeps working his Brownbailout.com magic and pulling the strings of all the Republicans (and a few Democrats) he owns outright.

    As long as you've got nothing to lose, why not push for getting rid of Smith's RLA "Express Carrier" exemption? Or are you just going to toss us under the bus as you bow-down before Smith and the Republicans?

    Here's a bit of factual information about the "Express Carrier" exemption. The Railway Labor Act of 1933, on which Fred's special exemption is based, has nothing at all to do with Overnight "Airline" Delivery Companies, which didn't even exist in 1933. How can you give someone an exemption for an overnight delivery service that is an "airline", when the technology (jet aircraft) to make such a service possible didn't even exist? The Railway Express Agency (REA) did provide express services using trains and trucks, NOT AIRPLANES. The entire rationale for the exemption is bogus, yet it remains firmly in place.

    Mr. Obama, Mr. Oberstar, Mr. Rockefeller, and the rest of you. Please apply quickly for your set of testicles before it's too late. Maybe you can have some Rocky Mountain Oysters overnighted to you and have them inserted before you hand the House over to the Orange Man and his fellow FedEx supporters.

    Oh yes, perhaps you can ship Mr. Hoffa a pair over there at the Teamsters. He seems to have lost his set as well. Maybe you can help out.

    Absolutely, Positively, SICKENING.
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    The problem is that Rockefeller has been the one holding the bill up all along. He refuses to bring it up for a vote in the Senate simply saying "i don't have the votes" what a crock of :censored2:. When was the last time an agency authorization couldn't make final passage? Answer: it's never happened. He's full of it and is probably paid off too. Republicans, except for the Tn delegation would be forced to vote for the bill whether it had the express carrier amendment or not due to pressure from their local airports. Someone needs to call Rockefeller out on this before it's too late.
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    The Railway Labor Act of 1933, on which Fred's special exemption is based, has nothing at all to do with Overnight "Airline" Delivery Companies, which didn't even exist in 1933.

    Are you sure?
  4. MrFedEx

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    There were some rudimentary attempts at overnight service in the 30's, but nothing like an "Express Carrier" like FedEx. UPS even tried overnight with planes, but it was much later. The average aircraft in 1933 was good for about 150 knots, could only carry a few hundred pounds of cargo at best, and would take a couple of days to go across the country...if it didn't crash. REA did overnight between certain cities, but they used trains...not planes.
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    Smith may have gotten to Rockefeller along with some of the other Democrats. Rockefeller has continuously said that even taking a vote with the anti-FedEx language would be a guaranteed failure...hmmm. I've got to wonder if some of the Democrats that were just kicked-out of office in the House are lining themselves up for private sector jobs, quite possibly in the transportation industry.
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    I thought the original act was from the late 1800's or very early 1900's? And that the airlines were added later. And they were added due to their, like the railroads, vital part of the nation's transportation system. They didn't want a wildcat strike in one location holding up a much larger portion of the system. And it was Clinton who signed a law that officially made FedEx a "scheduled airline" thus insuring FedEx would maintain it's status under the RLA. It was an attachment to a larger bill, and Clinton may not have known about it or the implications. What I don't get is why drivers who never touch a plane aren't allowed to unionize but the pilots are. I guess a group of highly paid individuals have more clout than us entry level drones.
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    The FAA Reauthorization Bill of 1996 was the one where the pro-FedEx language was literally snuck into the bill at the last moment. Fred's greatest Hail Mary ever, and all of his payoffs worked for him.
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    helluva investment, eh?
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    Are you referring to Fred's invesments in politicians, or choosing Obama?
  10. bbsam

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    Fred's, but I guess both could be considered.