Obama: Then & Now

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jan 11, 2009.

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    Ohh Obama is such a bad boy :surprised:
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    A lot of what if's, probabilities, and maybe's....But your doing a hec of a job finding these articles...:peaceful:
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    Both parties are in the War party. I figured Obama was probably giving lip service to the Democratic base and to the majority of the American public who feel our foreign policy is off course. But he has the military/industrial complex (that Eisenhower so famously warned us about) to contend with so if merely the players change and not the game no one should be surprised. The problem is compounded when the supposedly "new" players are the problem too:


    Hopefully he will at least get card check passed to reward his labor base but I wouldn't hold my breath on that either.
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    cmon now... Obama is going to unite us all... isnt that right?
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    And end all the wars around the world by giving everyone hugs.
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    And that's why I say, "Ain't I A Stinker!"
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    Comedy Central's Jon Stewart's opinion of BO speech
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    That was funny....LOL....But last year Jon Stewart and Comedy Central was classified by many Consrvatives on this site as part of the hateful liberal media.... What Happen, a change of heart overnight? I guess they are legit now..:wink2:
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    thats a troublesome sign if the liberal media is already shooting holes in Obamas rhetoric.
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    I must admit I was really surprised that this bit came from Jon Stewart's show. Funny stuff !!:happy-very: