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    And about the author:

    Mary Lynn Cramer has dedicated twenty-five years to low paying "applied economics," working as a bilingual social worker with families and children. She has degrees in economic history, economic theory and social work; and currently survives on Social Security, Medicare and subsidized elderly housing .

    You Obamaites, before you attack as this being some rightwing hatchett job, this is from one of your own. Not a word or we'll narc you out to your own PC police!


    Truth hurts!
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    Yes it does
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    L[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=-1]ast weekend, I searched the newspapers for a listing of all the economic advisors President-elect Obama had met with in Chicago the previous Friday. I wanted to see which ones, among the 21 chosen advisers, represented the economic needs and concerns of wage workers, the poor, homeless and elderly. When I finally found a complete listing of names in the Wall Street Journal, I was disappointed to see that “The Obama Braintrust” included billionaires, major corporate CEO’s, high ranking government officials, but no one representing labor, social and human services, or the progressive organizations that supposedly gave Obama his biggest boost to the White House.[/SIZE][/FONT]

    [SIZE=-1][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I should not have been surprised. The President-elects campaign was bankrolled by the largest contributions from corporate America every recorded. Barack Obama was the chosen candidate of the Daley Dynasty—the enormously powerful Chicago political machine that Bill Clinton called upon to assure the passage of NAFTA, and which also godfathered Obama’s new Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.


    What did you expect?
    He is a smart guy and a good politician.
    He told all those starry-eyed goobers what they wanted to hear in order to get elected.
    My sincere hope is that he governs from the center just like Clinton and Bush did.
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    too late now. If you really felt that way about Obama and his support you should have been more vocal before he was elected.
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    You know, just when you think the economy can't get any worse, now the US is being blamed for global economic problems.

    I sure do hope Barack can make good on his promises to fix the economy, and hopefully he can get it done during his first term.

    Everyone is looking for a handout, but what about the people who make responsible decisions financially, and what help will they get if any?

    Their 401k's are in the tank, stock holdings are down about 40%, houses are not worth what they were in the housing boom, and the government wants to bail out people who took mortgages they didn't quite understand how interest rates work, and are walking away from their homes, to further devalue the property held by the ones who pay their mortgages and taxes?

    I just can't understand how everyone involved in this mess, who have run this economy and country into the ground can sleep at night. From the government, bankers, investment bankers, builders, looks like a lot of people took the money and ran. And those left behind, well they are in the the same boat as the rest of us.

    And the people on Wall St who are crying about their year end bonuses, may be slashed. Well, maybe they ought to slash their lifestyles, like the rest of us have done due to this economy.

    Hoping and praying this economic mess will bring some good to the people of the country, slowing come back and get us where every hard working person can live comfortably and feel secure in the future for themselves and their families.

    Please excuse my rant, but what is right is right. And what is wrong is wrong, and we've all be wronged somehow, someway in my eyes.
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    that was good.
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    You mean I'm not on ignore anymore! Son of a 8itch! What does it take these days! So much for "planning the work and working the plan!"

    Actually Tie, many voices on the left have been speaking out about/against Obama warning of what they are/were seeing. No offense dude, but you and your friends weren't willing to look and D and his friends weren't all to quick to advertise it either. Problem was, the democrat power structure like the republicans are more dedicated to power than principle. Bothsides say one thing to get elected and then do another once in there and generally you can't tell which side is which when they are in power. Lord Acton proven right again!

    If D was true to principle he would at the very least openly advocated for discussing Ron Paul's idea of vast downsizing on the international military force and selling vast tracts of federal international lands and then taking those trillions in savings and fully funding Social Security. Once done, the process of freeing people from it can begin and can you imagine the economic impact of nearly 8% raise on your paycheck and at the very least as 8% per employee profit boost to employers. I wonder what kind of economic boost in these times that would have? Name me one democrat who have even hinted at a proposal that fully funds SS much less to then begin a process to let people out of it? Sure, it's not perfect from many perspectives but at least he had the balls to throw soemthing out there.

    Obama will tweak a few things here and there to quiet the chirping chickens on his side of the fence but for the most part, he will build upon the top of Bush's Unitary Executive legacy without much change.

    Truth is, this is just my way of symbolically loading the subway car up with explosives and blowing up Parliament if you will. My belief in the non-aggression principle prohibits me from phyiscally doing it but I can have fun on the symbolic side. LOL!

    Our democrat friends here spent the last 8 years objecting to bush policy and in a lot of those cases I'm in agreement. They've contended their political brand will bring about change away from this imperialist policy of the last 8 years. Truth is, it's been around for about all of the 20th century and their party was and has been it's biggest purveyor. They've been able to hide in plain sight but now it is their turn to rule the day and they rightfully won the election and quite frankly they ran a skillful campaign. Someone commented earlier about how good Howard Dean is and I couldn't agree more. In 2004' he showed the mastery of the internet and opened up campaigning to a whole other paradigm. Ron Paul's success was a result of the Dean wisdom in using the internet. Ashame an irrelevant laugh derailed his 04' campaign but my guess is Hillary was somewhere behind the feed to Hannity and Limbaugh!

    At times I've been relentless on the republican party because to be honest they are a dishonest lot hiding behind claims of small gov't and free market laissez-faire economics when in fact they govern by a type of morphed fabian socialist/Mussolini fascism with a 19th century merchantilist economy known as Keynesian economics. I attacked because I was tired of their abuses giving a bad name to folks who held a constitutionalist/18th century type of classical liberal thinking. It was the political equal of identity theft. :happy-very:

    On top of that, the global imperial intervention they displayed was of such that would make the great international communist imperial Trotsky most proud. It was literally right from his playbook but then the republicans ignored the fact that the many namebrand elder neo-conservatives were in fact former self professed trotskites themselves who grew tired of the democrat party and came over to the other side to welcoming arms! Now that they've laid waste to the party, one wonders if they will return to their roots? From my lips to God's ears!

    But now, the republicans are powerless. A toothless heel hound relegated to maintaining it's new position under the porch and not coming out unless invited. There's a new big dog in the yard and the dog has made strong claims of change but the facts are, nothing will really change. Oh sure, their defenders grant their exuses such as these new Clintonites were on the edges and therefore not of the same ilk but they have themselves for fools. They've had the luxury for 8 years of being on attack and in many ways being right but now it's time to turn the tables on them and lay it all right back in their own lap! It's their time to put up or shut up and I'm betting the farm they won't do the right thing. My hope is they hugely overplay their hand and the American people are a sitting powder keg right now and it will take very little to set them off. AV8 posted a US map in another thread showing most of the geographic US as being in the "red" so to speak. That is the powder keg and warfare is mostly won on controlling geographic area more so that large pockets of populations. the proof is that if you only do the latter, the disenchanted of the population will flee to the less populated free areas and then at some point the strategic advantage you thought you had no longer plays out. Then they will look for a Mr McCreddy to strangle and a parliament to blow up.

    I'll revel in the day!

    Listen! I hear the concert master playing a Concert A as he tunes up the symphony for tonight's performance of Tchaikovsky's "1812' Overture!"
    The best part is the canon shots!
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    I agree with you. I think that some of these people should be in jail.
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    It's because the US dollar is the global reserve currency and the fact that we re-wrote economic law through treaty in the post WW2 period beginning with Bretton Woods.

    Fact is, we are at fault for much of it!
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    42 minutes long and put together back in the mid 90's but still worthwhile and to the point. Give it 5 minutes and then after that I'll say no more.

    Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve