Obama's State Dept. Squeezing Foreign Press To Cover Up Al Qaeda As US Asset

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    When it comes to protecting the facts of Al Qaeda as a US asset, seems the US Gov't is also putting the pressure on the foreign press if they dare to expose the truth.

    Al Qaeda: Enemy or Asset

    Those who know me here also know I've been talking about Sibel Edmonds for a couple of years now and it's ironic she's been talking and warning about Central Asia and it's CIA/Al Qaeda stirrings and guess where the Tsarnaev brothers came from? She refers to it as Operation Gladio B but to better understand the current manifestation, it helps to understand the original Operation Gladio and it's secret armies and false flag operations.

    NATO's Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe - YouTube

    Sibel also connected the dots that Valerie Plame was outed not to shutdown her husband on the trail of the bogus Iraq WMD story but rather that B Jennings was on the verge of exposing the illegal nuclear weapons market setup between Turkey, Israel and Pakistan with other sources linking Saudi Arabia as a silent investment partner. Had this been uncovered the entire false front of weapons and terrorism threats would have collapsed like the house of cards that it is.