Obamas Voting record????

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    Cmon, Obamas voting record??

    Are you serious? Has anyone of you seen John McCains voting record? Would it astonish you to know that he has MISSED over 2000 votes over his entire term as a US Senator?

    John McCain has missed 325 votes (58.5%) during the current Congress. See a list of his missed votes since 1991

    There are page after page, after page, after page, after page after page of missed votes that were crucial to the american public?

    Where was he??

    So far in this congress, he has missed 325 votes!! This is just this session.

    He has FAILED to participate in hundreds of bills crucial to running the country going back to 1991.

    You want to make hay over 130 votes?

    Lets see,... 130 votes where he voted "present" a parlimentary practice used for 200 years in the US senate, compared to over 2000 "no shows"???

    Guys, please, your embarrassing yourselfs and RUSH has set you up to appear as mindless b00bs with a script of nonsense aimed at keeping you at the stupid notch.

    Ill settle for the 130 he had the time to show up and vote "present" vs. missing the vote all together and hanging with special interests on a golf course.

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    I understand the point you make but I doubt either side will make much hay of it as it's a known among both parties that votes will get missed in election season for the WH. If you watch the politicians they will make votes that have national importance or are a good platform for facetime. On the flipside, they will also miss votes that either aren't the national issue or in some case they don't want to go on record concerning that issue or position.

    Both sides play this game so you might see side areas bring this into play but not much will come out from the actual players themselves. I mean Biden and Dodd were well out of the game a longtime back and they missed as much time as Hillary who's been in a tough battle. Give Hillary credit and she came back and voted on such issues as Kyl-Liberman and went on record much to the dislike of the anti-war/non-interventionist crowd in the democrat party and thus why you saw Sen. Obama get a huge swell of support as many left Hillary in the dust. There is concern among some about what Obama would do in the end as he also missed this vote and it's fair to believe he didn't want to go on record either way. Here was his chance to stand on principle and he did not and this raises doubts in my mind.

    I like the thought that Obama "MIGHT" drive a stake to the heart of the globalist empire builders running our domestic and foreign policy but unlike a Ron Paul or Dennis Kuchinich who never fears a vote to go on record to what they believe, Obama IMHO comes up far short and thus if elected may turn out to be another wolf in sheeps clothing and nothing really changes.

    I know you and I differ in those areas of policy but this is my POV from a policy difference perspective concerning Obama who also who would not vote for Obama because I heard the words of Rev. Wright and I honestly believe in his own way he was telling us that Obama is a fraud and has been from day one!

    If you take the moment to listen to Wright beyond his Afro-Centric soundbites that are meat for talk radio, I believe Wright is speaking volumes about Obama that people aren't hearing.


    BTW: Obama's voting record/missed votes

    Here's one article on it.


    A quick search will bring up Hillary, McCain or anyone else for that matter.
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    Oh I completely understand that many of the Senators miss votes. We pay them to show up to work three to four days a week and vote. There are many that cannot even do that. Only three of them are still running for President. There are others who fear they may have to take a position on something. I am not the one who brought up Obamas voting record. It is the title of the thread. I would be all for docking the pay for each vote missed for all Senators.

    One thing that is interesting about B. Hussein Obama is the fact that he is running as a candidate of change but he votes with his party more than any of the other candidates from the Senate. That does not sound like change or someone from the outside to me. Just sounds like another party hack.

    I love it when they say they made all the important votes. To me they are saying everything they missed is unimportant so why would the Senate even be taking up these matters? B. Hussein Obama missed two votes on veterans benefits and the other two may have also.

    I know when I looked at the list I was a little surprised at those who had never missed a vote. There are several that have not missed a vote this session. As a matter of fact I was shocked at how long it was. I was under the impression that they all missed votes on a regular basis.

    Yes I do not see why this is not an issue. You cannot show up to work but you want a promotion. Or you fear taking a stand on an issue but you want to be a leader. This goes for all three of the Senate candidates. I am paying these Senators to do a job but you want me to promote them when they cannot even do the job they are in.
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    Can't disagee with that!

    No matter who of the 3 that wins, this will be a somewhat historic election. I know the first woman/African American part but also a lesser factor is that all 3 contestants are sitting Senators. Last time this happened was with JFK and the last former Senator elected was Nixon, so in historic terms, this one has many fronts to it. Other than that, throw all 3 contenders in a bag, put em' on Ebay and I'd pay a quarter just to have the bag!

    Have a good one.
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    You let me down. :happy-very:
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    Ya just can't trust people these days can ya!:wink2:
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    IMO...Too many of you guys put too much emphasis on a Senator's record or experience for the presidency. Remember political junkies, the last senator to be elected straight into the presidents office was JFK.
    How good are experienced presidents, anyway? I mean just look at the 2nd term of GW and Cheney. Suppose you had to choose between two Presidential candidates, one of whom had spent 20 years in Congress plus had considerable other relevant experience and the other of whom had about half a dozen years in the Illinois state legislature and 2 years in Congress. Which one do you think would make a better President? If you chose #1, congratulations, you picked James Buchanan over Abraham Lincoln. Your pick disagrees with that of most historians, who see Lincoln as the greatest President ever and Buchanan as the second worst ever, only better than GW/Cheney....LOL

    Before becoming President, Buchanan had served 6 years in the Pennsylvania state legislature, 10 years in the U.S. House of Representatives, 4 years as ambassador to Russia, 10 years in the Senate, 4 years as Secretary of State, and 4 years as Ambassador to England. Talk about experience, Buchanan did just about everything except serve on the Supreme Court, a job he was offered by President Polk and refused. Yet by any measure, he wasn't up to the job as President. In contrast, Abraham Lincoln served 8 years in the Illinois legislature and one term in the U.S. House (1847-1849), a decade before becoming President. The rest of the time he was a lawyer in private practice, a bit thin one might say.
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    And don't forget Ronald Reagan who had even less experience and turned out to be the greatest president ever.:happy-very:
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    Comparing Obamas voting record to McCain or Clinton is really not relevant.

    Obama has promised to be the guy who fixes the politics as usual problem in Wash.

    To determine if we will believe him we need to assess anything and everything he has done to see if his actions will lead us to reasonably believe that he could be the promised innovator of politics.

    Instead of trying to compare him to the very old and well meaning John McCain show us where Obama has demonstrated the leadership needed to be an advocate of change.
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    How was he the greatest??
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    I grew up in a world with the possibility of a third world war in which we would all die under the plan of mutually assured destruction.

    Ronnie Reagan eliminated that threat.
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    Are you forgetting JFK and the Cuban missile crisis? Tie, in my opinion I don't think anybody wants a nuclear war, they talk a big game but chances are wouldn't hit the nuke buttons. Is that the only reason you call Reagan the greatest?? What about the Iran/Contra scandal under Reagan?? What did he say? "I can't recall" Remember putting the interest from credit cards on your taxes? He eliminated that also.
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    I can only speak for myself but I would rather have a lower income tax rate than have a Federal government that encouraged unsecured personal debt.
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    I got to thinking of this skit by your statement....

    Lewis Black on Nuclear Holocaust
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    This made me think of this speech.

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    I like this one.

    Ronald Reagan`s Funny answer
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    McCain's Spiritual Guide
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    Do you really think all Muslims think like that? Hatred?