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  1. DS

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    This thread is dedicated to all the local bands we each grew up with that nobody except us has heard of.
    No Aerosmith or pink floyd please.youtube has a lot of hidden gems if you search hard enough.This could be the best thread ever for music lovers if we all post a song or three.This is a band called Mainline that I went to see many times when I was 18-20 yrs old.

  2. rod

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    Sure-------now when someone wants me to post an irrelevant YouTube clip I can't come up with one. Go figure
  3. rod

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    used to watch this group play at a local place in the 60's
  4. fxdwg

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    There was no You tube when I grew up.
    8-tracks were "Technology"
  5. trplnkl

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    OK, this is just one of the members of "The Maines Brothers Band", I couldn't find anything with the whole group. As fxdwg said, these guys were hot regionally way before youtube. Even if there are old movies of them, the guys don't let them out. Of course they mainly did country music, but most was not in the traditional sense. Their music kind of paved the way for the beginning of what is now called "Texas Music" due mostly to the various song writers who's songs they preformed. There were four brothers and a couple of their friens that made up the band. Terry Allen, now of Austin, wrote this tune. One of the brothers is the Dad of controversial Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks.
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    Not a great video and not their best song (imho), but this is the band that got me into punk a long long time ago....

  7. soberups

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    Had this song CRANKED on the stereo at a friends house the first time I ever smoked pot. Summer of 1983, crazy times and great music.

  8. DS

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    Sober,I was 28 when you smoked that first joint.I worked at a record distributor selling LP's cassettes and 8 tracks.
    That was the year Michael Jackson was selling like food.That diesel tune was pretty catchy.
    That was the year Boy George (came out) :) Also the police released synchronicity,with one song excluded in the original
    album.Great tune,weird video not by the police
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    Loved Culture Club...Church of the Poisoned Mind
  10. DS

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    Heres a rare one from squeaky Neil

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