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    I've been seasonal for a few years now. Inside, unloading, sorting, driver helper, now drives.

    My observations:UPS is "cover your ass" central.

    Continuously going over things...over and over.

    A supervisor is a conduit for your problems/concerns/trivial matters.

    They drill "let your supervisor know" every time you wipe your ass that it is almost an obligation to bother your supe every day with something so minute.

    Management will turn their heads on you pulling shortcuts....as long as you get the job done and don't get caught.

    Almost eveyone is afraid of "getting wrote up"

    It's always the "drivers fault", it seems...no matter what.Drivers seem to exist to bitch, moan and complain every single day.

    Many UPS employees seem to think that if they lose their job, their life is over!
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    Not a very original troll.
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