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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by hiatt21, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. hiatt21

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    Hey everyone, I'm new,

    In my area UPS is excepting accepting applications for package handlers. I have filled out three or four since December and no response. I did get an email saying they had appointments available for one week but I checked the site as I do everyday to see if any were available. Should I go to the UPS location and talk to someone there? If I ever get an appointment what should I expect?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Cementups

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    I have never heard of anyone ever having any luck using upsjobs.com. I have fond throgh others that there is always more success to make the effort and go to your local hub and a pply in person.
  3. RockyRogue

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    Some hubs have dropped the on-property application center. I got the job by going to the customer counter, getting the HR number and calling. Give it a day or two and if they don't call you back, call them again. And by the way, be sure to ask the person you talk to if the number they give you is the one to call from NOT inside the building. The numbers are different in many cases. -Rocky
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    at my hub only way you can get an application is by going to upsjobs.com. People will walk in and ask about a job and they tell them to go home and apply online.
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    Hey hiatt,
    Glad to see your persistence in wanting to work for the United Parcel Service. When upsjobs.com shows 'accepting applications' it does not necessarily mean they are hiring at that time. I definitely encourage you to visit the hub location itself and ask to speak with someone from Human Resources, or at least a phone number you can call to speak with Human Resources. When you get in contact with that person, express your sincere desire to work for UPS. By the way, what city is the hub located in that you want to work at?
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    I am frustrated. I would love the opportunity to work for UPS. I read a lot of complaining on here but it can't be any worse than the places I have worked before. For the pay I wouldn't complain. Thanks for the replies! Anyone got any pull for a package handler in Winston Salem, NC???
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    No, but if you move to Manhattan, New York, I could definately get you in ..
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    You can't always go by what other people say. Different people have different experiences and perceptions about work and their workplace. I think when you've been package handling for a long time, which is relative, for me it was a year, you may become unsatisifed. That is why I chose to go into part-time management.
    I'd say the hourly wage starting out is not all that great for the work you do, but the benefits totally compensate for that. As well as the yearly raises and job security. If you are on the load or unload it is certainly not a cake walk. You earn every dollar you make.
    Stay positive and persistent and you will get the job.
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    Thanks for the replies. I finally got a tour scheduled. My questions are what should I wear? I am guessing just jeans and a shirt. Also what should I exspect? How is the interview and what kind of questions? I am avaiable in the afternoon after 1:00pm on Mon. Wed. Fri. but Tue. Thurs. I can work any shift. What do you think shift schedule I would work?
  10. Working4TheBene's

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    Night sort... usually works from 5-10:30pm
  11. yeah if your building is like mine you'd either get the Twi sort (6-11) or the night sort (11-4). Both of which are preferable to the Preload shift....which is widely regarded as the worst shift in the building. Of course PAS helps with that. Mostly because we're (and I don't just mean the hourlies) not sure what, if anything it "assists" (seriously we had a meeting about it).

    Having double shifted before I liked the Twi Sort, laid back (well as far as UPS goes) and was dare I say it, fun sometimes. I often think about getting on that shift. If the Preload gets any "better" I may really consider it. :w00t:
  12. Brown_Noser

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    Yes, jeans and shirt is fine for the tour. You should also wear work boots. After you get hired, make sure you wear old clothes (that you hate) because they will get very dirty.

    [FONT=&quot]As far as the interview is concerned, they just ask you a few questions. If you can “walk & chew gum at the same time” and have not committed any felonies, you should be fine.:thumbup1: [/FONT]