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    When sent an OCA in error. We are to accept it and then send a message that it was an errror. Center then sends again to cancel. In the past, we would override out of area. What is the reasoning behind new method? Was told cost. Any info??
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    its april....warming up...almost time for ice cream..../.....seems silly to me .......so out of the early spring sun starts another FLAVOR OF THE MONTH.......probably spent $19 million on this and decided they would save $4 per center each month x number of centers...blahblahblah....u know what to do......dont ask..obey -it will go away
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    The reasoning is your center team wants to hide its errors that are produced on a report when they incorrectly assign OCA. If they send you an OCA that is not yours its almost like a strike against them.

    It all started when they recieved the technology to see which driver is in the area of the OCA. Apparently they have the technology to see where every driver is. The problem is, the dispacth employee gets it wrong more now than in the past when he knew where each OCA would go from memory and not what a computer told him where to assign it.

    I have a huge problem with this. Chan suggested I call the 1-800 line. Its a dishonesty issue. As union employees we are to be given progressive discipline except for dishonesty or reckless driving.

    Its my opinion that mangement is practicing dishonesty with its order to accept OCA that are not ours and then send a message to have it cancled.

    When you think about it, it becomes sickening. Can you believe it? We have a center manger instructing 50 drivers to operate this way to hide his supervisor's mistakes.

    When I make a mistake on the job I am held accountable for it. When management makes a mistake, they are suggesting I hide it?

    What amazes me is that its such an easy thing to get right! Every driver knows which driver should get the OCA. Why can't management figure it out? Its their job for heavens sake.
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    I'm a year and a half out of Package now, so this may be corrected, but the biggest problem we had with this technology was the computer would show who was closest to the OCA. Unfortunately, if the OCA isn't ready for 3 hours someone else will be closer then. Or you may be closest when the OCA is called in, but another driver picks up that building later.

    We would "refuse" the OCA, and put in remarks the drivers name who should get it. No problem, OCA gets re-sent to the right driver, everyones happy.
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    Brownie, you are so right on this issue if it is a backhanded way to cover up an OCA dispatch error. Have things gotten this bad really???
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    I refused an OCA three times Friday that wasn't dispatched right. First time, I text back "other area". Second time, OMS sends it back with "You have to get this". I refuse it again because I have never heard of the street and I didn't have a map book with me. I texted that back, thinking that maybe they had figured out by now that they had sent it to the wrong driver. Then I get a third request, "FT Sup in office says you have to get this". Its after 5, I call my OnCar on his cellphone to see what the deal is. I get a fourth text from the OnCar in the office telling me to call his cell. He claims he knew nothing about this, the OMS apperantly used his name to make me take the pickup. The OCA was across town in another zip code with three other drivers closer to it. I would have been happy to drive 15 miles out of the way making $43 an hour in OT to get the pickup, that wasn't an issue with me. With all this technology, you would think that an OCA could be dispatched right.
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    I love that tactic. I got the same thing when I told OMS that I would have 8 missed stops because I was overdispatched on an 8-hour request. I got the reply "Your supervisor says you need to stay out and deliver them". I replied "My supervisor should have given me 8 less stops. I will have 8 missed". That was the last I heard of it and went home.
    On the OCA's, we just send back "out of area" and send the driver's name who should get the OCA.
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    As brownie pointed out, management is just trying to cover up their own stupid mistakes. In our center, when we send messages saying they are not our pick ups, they ignore the messages. We end up having to waste our cell minutes calling in and telling them they screwed up. They tell us to "do it right the first time." Why can't these morons do it right the first time?
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    I normally send back my first lot of OCA's just to keep them on their toes
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    There is a corporate report that shows the % of OCA orders that were rejected. Reducing the % of rejected OCA orders is a good thing for UPS.

    They are playing an inappropriate numbers game however. They have not reduced the % rejected orders, just spending even more money to make a report look better.

    The reason for corporate tracking this is because there are a lot of OCA orders that are improperly rejected.

    Things like this is the other side of the story:

    Someone mentioned that they should dispatch to the person that will be closest to the stop. Their OCA dispatch system does not automatically dispatch the order. They can see where you are now (or close to it) and what stops you have left.

    This should be what they use to dispatch.

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    Sometimes the OCA will show a ready time 2 hours from when you get it. It may show you as the closest truck now but not 2 hours from now when it is ready. The girls used to have a book listing OCA's and which driver to send them to. Might be low tech but works better in reality.
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    I have an issue with the OCAs that are incomplete--that is, they don't have suite numbers, apt numbers, etc. I always send those back and give the reason ("Need suite number") and follow that up with an ODS to center as our OCAs originate in Buffalo.