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    A bit of background from my other topic: I'm a PT Supervisor in Operations looking to make a move to IE as a Specialist or FT Supervisor in the relatively near term. My current situation is not something I want to continue any longer than I have to in order to advance with the company. In addition to working another FT job that pays the bills, I work 35+ hours a week at UPS. Most of my time at UPS is occupied by responsibilities that are generally considered 'FT Supervisor Only' responsibilities, but which were taken away from various FT sups and assigned to me by our manager. In effect, I am a "FT Supervisor Lite", which includes a large fraction of the responsibilities, but none of compensation.

    That said, I realize that moving up in the near term may not happen for any number of reasons. Given that, I'm looking for as much information about Off-Cycle Adjustments at UPS as I can get my hands on...

    What's the formal process for an Off-Cycle Adjustment at UPS? Who needs to approve an adjustment? What's the likelihood of an adjustment actually occurring / what factors affect that likelihood? Is there any defined limit or precedence to how much an employees compensation can be adjusted? Etc.

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    What exactly is an off cycle adjustment? I’ve never heard anyone at UPS use that term before.
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    Maybe the OP is a Pro Class body builder and has to adjust the juice when he/she cycles off?
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    I cannot remember an off-cycle adjustment in salary other than a promotion, ever. That is not to say it never happens, just that I certainly never got one, and no one I worked with did either (or they did not talk about it). UPS has a very conservative culture, there is a lot of inertia in that culture against one off, out of the normal procedure situations like an out of cycle raise.

    That said, in order to get one, your manager would have to champion it, your division manager would likely need to sign off on it, and HR at some level would need to agree. It would start with your manager. Talk with him or her.

    As to your situation, some notes. I have seen many part time supervisors in similar situations, being given responsibility above their pay grade. I have seen some do this for years. However, when full time supervisor spots did become available, it was these part timers who regularly stepped up (and some would say were being taken advantage of) who's names were the only names brought up when possible promotions were discussed.

    Your manager is the first gateway to either an out of cycle raise or a potential promotion. Foster a positive working relationship with them. Note, you will see many posts from the hourly on the forum claiming you have to kiss ass. Nothing is farther from the truth. Most management at UPS that I dealt with had zero respect for a total kiss ass. There are just many, many posters on this board that really do not understand the difference between building a positive, mutually respectful relationship and kissing someone's ass. Ignore those posters, they are either just having a lark or trying to compensate for some serious failings in their own interpersonal relationships.
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    Sounds like an enhancement that UPS put in place to roll back your pay if you go from a higher paying position to a lower paying position.