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    I work in Dallas and was told that I will start training for a TCD driving position during thanksgiving week. I'm worried that I won't qualify for my 30 days because I heard they lay off TCD'S in January. Does anyone here work in the Dallas hub, and know if this is true. Ive been working in Dallas for a year, and I have a full time job outside of UPS. I don't want to quit if I know I won't get my 30 days in
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    You won't get your 30 days as you will be working during the free period. Is there any way you can take a month off from your FT job?

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    What's the free period?
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    It varies but in my division it is on or around Nov.10th through the end of the year. You cannot qualify (make book) during that time.
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    Count the days. Even if you could qualify, there are not enough days to actually qualify.

    Do not quit your day job.
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    Como1 I don't know what my earlier post has to do with my current question. I'm not on here looking for people who are trying to cause problems or looking for discrepancies in my life. If your looking for some problems go and bother someone else. You don't know my situation or any facts. All I asked was a question expecting an answer, so please don't try and turn my question in to problems when you don't know the full story.