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    Canadians 'war' over homes

    The country's real estate market is so hot cities are running out of properties to sell.» Appealing average home price
    • When the housing market will cool off ?
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    Canada's unemployment rate falls to 8.4%, first decline since recession

    By Julian Beltrame, The Canadian Press

    OTTAWA - Canada's unemployment rate fell for the first time in nearly a year to 8.4 per cent last month, in perhaps the clearest indication the hard-hit labour market may be recovering sooner than expected.

    The September jobs pick-up of 30,600 was five times larger than the economist consensus forecast of 5,000 and - along with a slight decrease in the number of workers looking for jobs - helped drop the national unemployment rate by 0.3 percentage points.

    This was the second consecutive month of employment gains.

    There was more good news - actual hours worked increased by 1.6 per cent.

    More impressive, the agency said 91,600 full-time jobs were added in September, more than offsetting the 61,000 loss in part-time employment.

    This reverses the pattern observed most of the past year as employers cut back by first reducing full-time workers to part-time status.

    Economists consider employment a lagging indicator because employers usually will wait until they see clear signs that a recovery is underway and will be sustained before beginning to re-hire.

    By contrast, the U.S. is still reporting massive monthly job losses even though most believe the economy there has turned the corner and begun to grow.

    Canada has seen a fitful rebound from the downturn, although the most recent data on gross domestic product only extends to July and does not capture the next two months of job gains.

    Canada's national unemployment rate was 8.4 per cent in September. Here's what happened provincially (previous month in brackets):
    -Newfoundland 15.3 (15.6)
    -Prince Edward Island 11.8 (13.7)
    -Nova Scotia 9.5 (9.5)
    -New Brunswick 8.1 (9.3)
    -Quebec 8.8 (9.1)
    -Ontario 9.2 (9.4)
    -Manitoba 5.3 (5.7)
    -Saskatchewan 4.6 (5.0)
    -Alberta 7.1 (7.4)
    -British Columbia 7.4 (7.8)

    A quick look at September unemployment (previous month in brackets):
    Unemployment rate: 8.4 per cent (8.7)
    Number unemployed: 1,549,700 (1,604,900)
    Number working: 16,838,000 (16,807,400)
    Youth (15-24 years) unemployment: 15.1 (16.3)
    Men (25 plus) unemployment: 8.3 per cent (8.4)
    Women (25 plus) unemployment: 6.0 per cent (6.1)
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    CDN Tickets hopes on thin Ice

    Tim Naumetz, THE CANADIAN PRESS Oct 7, 8:07 pm EDT

    Olympics tickets are effectively sold out for Canadian residents after two intensive sales phases that included the use of a lottery because of demand.
    Of the 1.6 million tickets printed, only 896,000 were available to Canadian residents. The rest were reserved for government and corporate sponsors, Olympic and sport organizations of other countries, athletes and their families, media broadcasting the games and residents of other countries.

    Ticket prices at the hockey venues go up to $775 each for the best seating at the men's gold-medal game and $325 for the best seats at the women's gold.

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    Sorry Klein but it's Friday and this was to easy not to poke fun at for the laugh!

    Besides, you know it's coming at some point anyway.

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    C$ soars on upbeat jobs data, rate speculation
    By Frank Pingue and Jennifer Kwan
    TORONTO (Reuters) - The Canadian dollar raced to a one-year high on Friday as domestic jobs data zoomed past forecasts and sparked chatter about whether the Bank of Canada will be forced to raise rates sooner than expected.

    The currency shot to C$1.0411 to the U.S. dollar, or 96.05 U.S. cents, its highest level since September 2008, after data showed the economy created 30,600 jobs in September, six times more than expected.

    Also helping to power the currency's latest rally was talk about whether the central bank may now opt to move early on interest rates and give up its conditional pledge to keep rates at their historic low of 0.25 percent at least until mid-2010.

    "It's all on the back of the strong employment report which showed that Canada is creating jobs," said Sal Guatieri, senior economist at BMO Capital Markets.

    "It likely suggests the Bank of Canada will move on rates ahead of the Federal Reserve, albeit not for another year."

    The Canadian currency finished at C$1.0444 to the U.S. dollar, or 95.75 U.S. cents, up from C$1.0522 to the U.S. dollar, or 95.04 U.S. cents, at Thursday's close. The Canadian unit is up 3.6 percent for the week.

    Talk of rate hikes ramped up this week after the Reserve Bank of Australia raised its interest rate and became the first central bank in the Group of 20 nations to tighten monetary policy as the financial crisis abates.

    However, analysts said the currency's rally, which makes life tougher for Canadian exporters, has had the same braking effect on the economy as higher rates. As a consequence, the Bank of Canada still has latitude to hold rates steady, giving it flexibility, especially if the United States, Canada's main trading partner, fails to sustain its own recovery.
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    Happy Thanksgiving Canada !


    A $200 Thanksgiving turkey?

    One Canadian community is asking shoppers to cough up hundreds of dollars for a frozen bird.» Where in Cda?
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    When I first glimpsed at the article, I thought that Klein had gone to outer space, then I realized it was some other canadian clown.
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    Klien, What's up with Candian Boxing Day??
    Do you all throw off the gloves and go at it, like a Hockey free for all brawl, and then go have a Molson Ale or a LaBatts afterwards?
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    My, what funny looking Deer you have in Canada!
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    Funny, you mention it. Boxing Day starts after midnight on Xmas Day.
    And Xmas is usually the big Turkey, then all the drinks.
    Even before midnight the arguing starts with my family, (mom, brothers),
    after after midnight it can get physical.

    Anyways, my mom told me to put on the new shirt she has bought me.
    That was a big mistake. Sure enough sometime around 2am, it was torn to crap (with a "boxing day match" with my oldest brother).

    We rarely ever have a Christmas without arguments. (screwed up family a little) LOL

    That's a good find feth. Those deer are rare here. ;)
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    Edmonton WCB Office Building under Siege from Hostess Taker !

    What did he want, a ding-dong?:happy2:
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    I'am sorry who's this thread about?
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    It's all Klein, all the time !!
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    KANDAHAR AIRFIELD - Cpl. Eric Hjalmarson joined the army at 50. 
Now at age 58, he's on his fourth tour of duty, his third in Afghanistan. 
And he sees the progress Canada's mission here is making.
    "Going through Kandahar, there's way more people now, the pattern of life is a lot friendlier to NATO troops and areas are building up," says Hjalmarson, with 1PPCLI in Edmonton.
    "Even in the smaller villages, people are willing to come up and give you information about insurgents. Before, they were so scared of contacting the troops, scared of reprisals.But now they realize we come into an area, stay there longer and provide them with protection so they are willing to take more of a risk and help us."
    The Vancouver Island native - whose son just completed a fourth tour in Afghanistan - says he hopes more Canadians are beginning to appreciate the efforts of the mission here.
    "Canada is a great place to grow up, people take a lot for granted, and I think everyone should have to come to a country like this and appreciate what they have."

    Being a soldier, he says, is a way to give back. 
"We're here by the invitation of the legally elected democratic government of Afghanistan. They asked for our help because they want to get rid of these insurgents that are trying to take back this country and oppress it.
    "Everybody should have the right to live without being oppressed. But you go through these villages and look at these little kids hardly big enough to walk and they're carrying wood for fire and herding goats. They don't have a childhood here."

    Hjalmarson, a grandfather, is hopeful they soon will. 
In the arm-sleeve pocket of his camouflage, he slides out photos, one of his father, the other his grandfather - both proud decorated soldiers.
    On the back are poems he's written for army comrades, one of whom died in battle. He himself survived an IED blast in February 2006.

    Hjalmarson isn't sure what he'll do when mandatory retirement rolls around at 60. 
He turned 50 in battle school.

    "Bars are meant to be raised," winks the former millwright and machinist. 
"It was my last chance to do something I always wanted to do."
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    Need A Job? Try Canada, Where Hiring Is Booming And Home Prices Are Rising

    Huffington Post | Ryan McCarthy First Posted: 07- 9-10 09:32 AM

    Stubbornly high unemployment rates got you down? Not sold on the economic recovery? Look no further than America's polite neighbor to the north, where jobs numbers are surging and home prices have been rising steadily for nearly a year.
    Last month, Canada, a nation with roughly one tenth of our population, created about 10,000 more new jobs than America.
    Yes, Canada's economic recovery is outpacing our own. In terms of sheer job creation, June saw Canada create jobs at a pace that was five times the rate predicted by economists, Bloomberg News reports. Canada added 93,200 jobs in June, while U.S. private employers added just 83,000.

    Quick Poll
    Would You Consider Moving To Canada For A Job?

    Yes, I'll follow the money.


    No, I'm staying in the States.


    It depends on salary -- or how long I would have to be unemployed.

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    You better grab one of those jobs for yourself !!
  17. klein

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    93 200 jobs is the equalent of 932.000 jobs there.

    I still need to travel a bit.... maybe Cuba, back to Mexico, or even Germany for Octoberfest.
    I'll go to work before I run out of money.
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    Go for it Klein. I envy you. You need some0ne to enjoy all that with. You probably meet her there (not suggesting any pro's); but all that travel and fun should be shared (hey...not judging or anything, know what I mean.... Cheers.
    Good thread BTW; I don't care what the ctritics say. Oh, I also voted for UPSSOCKS as a new Mod and got neg. rep and was called a moron by UPState. :funny: (and he has over 10,000 Posts)
    I guess I'm settling into my groove.
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    I think you'll get banned, but it was nice meeting you.
    Admit it, you screwed up ! ?????
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    I don't give a F*&***.
    I've been here longer than most.

    You're cool and I'll call it as I see it.



    My NED buddies invited me over but I can't do it. It would be awesome to sit along a canal, drinking beer and cheering the orange. All the time killing an octopus (or more probably octipi) :wink2: