Oh no ? Another accident at our station !

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by franknitty, Oct 9, 2011.

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    On Saturday, another swing courier was involved in a car accident. First off, neither party had to go to the hospital, at least not at the scene. I spoke with the courier who said she was ticketed for failure to yield the right of way. I had up punched out for the day, and was on my way home so I didn't bother to get specifics from her, because I was still upset. In the past 6 months most of the accidents and injuries on the the job at our station involves swing couriers. Is there a problem here, or is this just a coincidence ?
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    Don't know but a friend of mine is a swing, and he just had an accident... I think with the push for numbers
    accidents as a whole are on the rise, I think swings have a higher chance, just because they are generally in areas
    they don't know as well as the regular driver(courier).
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    I've been at this station just over 6 years and, I think, there's only been 3-4 accidents. I DO know nobody in my loop has had an accident in that whole time.
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    I have heard that accidents system-wide are way up, no doubt due to the ever increasing pressure to do more in less time. If anyone has access to nationwide accident statistics, I'd love to see them. My guess is that the only people who have those numbers are in the Safety Dept in MEM. Hey, Scott Mungo (doofus), why don't you give us the rundown of safety?
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    Mr. MT3 said months ago after ROADS, GAP REPORTS, ETC. was in place for a while that accidents WERE up. Of course he did say those new systems that he put in to place were the reasons for the increase in accidents, but you and I know better. One of my co-workers said she was parked on break, and she witnessed another one of the employees from our station driving a 900 series truck almost 15 mph over the speed limit ! What an idiot !
  6. I will admit. At times I have gone 5-10mph over speed limit depending if I'm on a freeway or not. Nothing to extreme. Yesterday I saw a co-work zip by me on the freeway. I was going about 60mph in a 55mph. He had to of been going 70mph...in a 900!!! I know this guy gets stressed out to easy. Management has struck fear into him! "We need you back at 1900!". No joke.

    I just wish more people at this company we're so idiotic. Just like when I over heard a manager say " These time cards need to be 100% accurate...we're at the point of terminating people for them!"....sure thing scooter!!!
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    The day is coming when FedEx has an accident that grabs national headlines. It's inevitable, given the current environment and total disregard for safety. When you threaten people's jobs, some will react just as your co-worker did, instead of driving safely. As usual, it will take a tragedy for the media and authorities to take notice.