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    What are you looking for? What are you hoping to change? Please only constructive posts please.
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    How about they have to give us Gatoraid in the summer and another week of vacation. I need 8 weeks.
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    ​no one in my local even knew what was in there until it didn't pass and most still don't know.
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    Well I also want a trap door in the cargo area so I can go pee if I have to.
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    You must have bonus in your center
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    I dont know
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    No skippy I've got a country route. You got those in local 100?
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    Well then think on it toner and get back to us.
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    ​100 who said that
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    How about PDSes with area knowledge?
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    AnthRob......I've been thinking about your question for awhile now and I honestly do not believe that even 5% of UPS employees know what the Ohio Rider is. I'm slightly disappointed that there has not been at least some effort on the part of the Ohio locals to have a meeting to learn about and resolve any issues that employees have. At the very least.....all the Ohio BA's should make contact with the full-time and part-time employees in their area by going in the UPS buildings and informally talking with the drivers, preloaders, reloaders, etc.. Good....Bad...or Ugly.....let's get something done!!!

    IMHO....the Ohio Rider did not pass simply because there are too many "ticked off" employees about issues that have nothing to do with the language in the OR. The OR results are simply saying FU...UPS. I feel that while it may be admirable to stand up to UPS......there is no winning THIS particular "battle"... Move on....and set your sites on the overall "War"..... Use the language we have to better your life and that of your family.
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    Are you sure they aren't saying FU to the IBT as well?
    Most of the people I talk to don't blame the company, rather the union.

    Regardless as to how we arrived at this point, I see this as an opportunity.
    The National Master and Central Region Supplement have many shortcomings that can and should be considered for additions to the Ohio Rider.
    My list is as follows:

    1. Guaranteed defined benefits, with any additional costs adsorbed by the company throughout the life of the agreement.
    2. Guaranteed number of statewide 22.3 jobs to be maintained at the local levels.
    3. Article 17i protection
    4. Maintain or reduce the present full time progression of 3 years.
    5. Protection from part time employees forwarding ground packages, specifically the crazy language regarding single day vacation drivers being permitted even when no drivers are on a single day vacation.
    6. Grievances will be docketed automatically to the state panel if not heard locally within a specific time frame.

    That's a start and likely wishful thinking, but if you ask for nothing, that is exactly what you will get.
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    Now is the time, that members in Ohio can add language into that rider to better our life's and that of our families. The Ohio rider doesn't have to be a simple 1 page document we could easily add 5 pages of language to will benefit every hourly UPSers in OHIO.
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    At this point I can only say wow.
    The Union didn't make the proposal to get out of ETNA.
    1-5 I don't want to give you a reply at this point. We can do that later. Maybe Tuesday???
    6. That is a Local Union issue that if you get what you ask for you might regret it. If you or your BA (you) are out of town at the State Panel, JAC or National it would get referred up without actually having all the facts and give you a chance to resolve the issue. I understand your proposal but be careful what you ask for.
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    It was off the top of my head.
    Who said anything about ETNA?
    I see Teamcare as inevitable, but hope the terms are still negotiable.
    I am proposing the company pay rather than have our GWI diverted.
    My point was that we need to ask for something.
    Feel free to tweak away.
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    I understand that.
    I mistakenly thought you were referring about the FU comment to the IBT regarding insurance. Sorry.
    I'm tweaked out. Lets tweak in 5 more years. What do you think?
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    Tragically Bubblehead, you are correct. Many of the people I speak with don't trust the company or the union. I am personally "worn out" from trying to "light fires" and at least get employees engaged in their workplace and future. Again....with 2/3 not even voting in a contract year is unbelievable to me.

    Regardless of all of our differences here in BC (and I mean all users), the one thing that keeps me personally coming back is that I know I am communicating with individuals that care about UPS and our union. I'm really starting to believe that there is only a handful of us that does care.

    Yes..yes..yes..yes..yes..yes.. to all six on your wish list. ........ with one more addition...

    How about:

    7) Each local union have a workers compensation attorney that will provide representation at no cost to the affected employee. I see far too many work related injuries where the worker is left on his own to fight a very difficult battle with UPS and their outside attorneys.
  18. PiedmontSteward

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    Some locals and a few joint councils have legal defense funds that provide at least some measure of financial assistance to members with an attorney in regards to civil issues and non-felony charges. Considering how hard UPS tries to fight workman's comp claims, this is something that most locals should be considering.

    The lawyer my local keeps on retainer provides free consultations and has been helpful to me in the past (went above and beyond a consultation) but a "free consultation" isn't exactly an amazing benefit by any means..
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    That's a great idea.
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    What's really tragic is most of those people we speak of are the best customers for both the union and the company. Those people would still distrust both side if Bubblehead got his 6 and your addition to the list. It's tragic that 24% of the bargaining unit members vote.

    These are nice WISH lists and I do like them. However do you think any of these were proposed prior to the situation we are in? I bet not.

    Not trying to be a downer just trying to be realistic. Some locals may not be able to afford the retainer