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    A fellow driver and myself have taken the time to put together a refresher list that all drivers should look over before there OJS. We also have written a rebuttal that should be attached to EVERY written warning letter, notice of suspension or termination.

    Ask your loader if anyone is was in the car "fluffing" the load.
    Perform a full pre-trip.
    Maintain speed limit and come to a complete stop at stop signs.
    Count 1, 2, 3 before accelerating after red light to maintain space cushion.
    Use handrail when exiting and entering vehicle. (set pkg on floor if need be)
    Go to rear of car to cross street. (do not go out drivers side door)
    Out of weather and out of sight dr’s. (use bags and go around back of house)
    Indirect with a goal of 0 send agains. (indirect at neighbors house)
    Never run. Walk at a safe, brisk pace.
    Use hand cart whenever reasonable.
    Get assistance with over 70's.
    Use the diad for all communications, not your cell phone.
    Attempt a sales leads. We operate in the real world where customer contact is a necessity.
    Drink water to stay hydrated.
    Use bathrooms on route, not the back of the vehicle.
    Fill delivery notices out completely. (Indirect at neighbors, go back and leave note)
    All packages hand to surface. Do not "toss" any.
    Containerize all smalls.
    Do not drop off COD’s and pick up checks later.
    Take your full lunch and break.
    Stay on designated walkways. Stay on sidewalks and driveways, do not cut across lawns.
    If supervisor opens a door, touches any package, or hurries a customer, note it.
    Do not let them ask OJS questions while on lunch or break. Wait until PM time at bldg.
    Do not let them ask OJS questions while driving as to focus 100% on methods.
    Bottom line, NO SHORT CUTS.
    If asked to review your ride, have a steward sit in and listen.

    There is no transparent calculation for time.
    "A fair days work for a fair days pay" is not a production standard. It is only an obligation.
    The labor agreement does not recognize time allowances, or failure to meet them, as being a cause for disciplinary action.
    Never sign anything the company hands you with respect to production. Article 6 of the National Master Agreement grants you a right to refuse to sign any agreement or contract whether individually or collectively that is outside the National Master Agreement. A production agreement is outside the National Master Agreement. If asked to sign such agreement, cite this article and base your grievance on this right.

    Re: Discipline for failure to meet productions standards

    UPS’s measurement of work and how it pertains to productivity is imprecise. Time allowances and their relevance to work performed including, to and from area travel; on area travel and time at stop are highly impressionable based on varying conditions which impede their accuracy. These constantly changing conditions lead to varying times in completing work, therefore making no transparent calculation for time. Varying factors which may include others not mentioned are as follows: Weather, which leads to delays in driving, walking and may also change delivery location. Interruptions in driving due to traffic, construction delays and other safety related issues. Customer service issues which can lengthen time at stop. Excessive AM or PM time based on the ineffectiveness of other UPS operations. Technologies effect compounded by human error. Assistance in completing work from customers, supervisors or other UPS employees. Load conditions due to other operational imbalances. Area knowledge and distortion based on day to day variances. Fluctuating volume levels which effect all operations on a daily basis .These factors along with conditions not mentioned can and will have a profound effect on a driver’s level of productivity on a daily basis.

    According to Article 37 section 1 paragraph A of our contractual agreement "The parties agree that the principle of a fair days work for a fair days pay shall be observed at all times and employees shall perform their duties in a manner that best represents the Employers interest." The company’s use of "over allowed" to enact discipline is unfair and unjust. "Over allowed" as it pertains to a measurement of work is meant to identify a problem may exist. It does not, under any circumstance, decide who or what may be the cause. Our labor agreement does not recognize time allowances, or a failure to meet them as being cause for disciplinary action. Future unsubstantiated claims will be considered grounds for grievance submittal under article 37 of the National Master United Parcel Service Agreement.

    Employee ______________________________
    Steward ______________________________
    Date ______________________________
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    that's a keeper.
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    good info...Just as lifer has said many times, the major overallowed allowance shows a problem in the study and the driver isnt always the problem.
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    Here in Local 25 we do have a preprinted OJS sheet. I'll make a photo copy of it f anyone wants to see it.
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    That's good advice. Thanks for your time
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    Don't forget to push in the mirror at every stop, and push it back out before pulling away from the curb. If someone hits that mirror, it's not their fault for hitting the mirror, it's the driver's fault for not pushing in the mirror. It takes three seconds to lean out, push in the mirror, and lean back. It takes another three seconds to lean out, push out the mirror, and then lean back. I have 180 stops a day. Those three second segments add up quickly. If that extra time causes a nine five, hate when that happens.
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    can you post it on here???
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    Looks like you're saying they should do the job the right way?

    You realize a driver lost his job in NY based on performance standards?
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    Standards aren't always correct, that's a given. But you have OJS in your title, and guess what? OJS' will demonstrate an acceptable level of performance, and at that point, employees can be held accountable when going below best demonstrated performance. Try it out! Obama will let you collect unemployment for longer than you think.
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    ss, your right about the allowances not always being correct. I think that you shouldnt have to run just to make scratch..its not a method. Something is wrong if the driver is being efficient and getting the work done and is an hour or two over....and Im not talking about the couple of slackers that most centers have.
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    That's exactly the point of the OJS. If the driver is running the route efficiently, THOSE numbers are noted, not the O/A, and he/she is held accountable to that. OJS rides aren't fun for the driver or the Sup, but totally efficient production is required in these times.
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    I will later today
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    Does this mean you will be held accountable to your BEST day during the OJS? For example, if you run a 18.5, 20.1, and 17.9 you will be held to the 20.1? Shouldn't it be an average of the 3 days? Also, do pieces count in this? How can you hold me to a SPHOR of 14.5 (for example) if my piece count can flucuate from 280-400? I could probably do 16 with 280 but maybe only 14 with 400. How is this fair?

    Also, why all of a sudden after 15 years on the job am I not good enough? I never had an OJS and now you're going to baby-sit me for 3 days? Are you going to find someone who can do the job better than me?

    The company is paying its supervisors $100,000 a year to spend 3 days of every week with its drivers to push production in the range of .3-.7 SPORH?

    If this is the case, I'll say "load my truck stop for stop like you claimed PAS/EDD would accomplish and I'll give you 1-1.5 more SPORH".

    My thinking is the supervisor's time could be spent somewhere else improving the bottom line. There is slack in every business, but the slack does not exist with the drivers at UPS. They are the most productive and efficent workers in the industry.

    Think about it. Look at everybody else on the road. For example: Fed-Ex, DHL, the water guy, the bread guy, the cable guy, the phone guy, the twinkie guy are all out there milking their jobs. Yet the one guy who is busting his ass all day is the one guy who is being scrutinzed and pushed for more production. It makes me ill to think about it.

    This attention should be spent somewhere else in the company. Just my opinion.
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    I would agree with you in only the most general sense; unfortunately, there are those who do not fit this description in every center and this is where the focus should be, not on those such as yourself who obviously takes pride in and works very hard at his job. We have a couple of slackers in my center who will soon enough find themselves under this scrutiny, perhaps deservedly so. One driver in particular is always an hour over yet cover drivers manage to bring it in close to if not scratch.
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    As opposed to the wrong way ? Yes. I would encourage everyone to follow the methods and do the job the right way. We have a responsiblity to our families,co-workers and UPS to work safely and do our best everyday.

    As far as the driver who was fired for failure to meet production standards. I wasnt there to help or maybe the outcome would have been different or maybe not. I can tell you that our center manager was fired a year ago for manipulating those very numbers. And recently we had a supervisor moved to another center for failure to meet expectations.

    I appreciate your response and though it was lacking any true insight I hope everyday that the effort you give at works far outways the effort in your post. I would only assume that my post hit a nerve in order to receive such a knee jerk reaction from what I am assuming is a member of management. Have a nice weekend.
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    Thanks for your response. And being that Obama is pro-union and I am a Teamster, unemployment will not be necessary as I would have no problem finding a good paying union job at another Teamster run facility. I have seen management struggle much more then hourly's when it comes to meeting production standards. I am sure you could attest to that.
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    did you just use the words management and standards in the same sentence?
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    A lot of cover drivers skip their "1hr" lunch, ya know.
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    Not this one.