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    This money could have went to feed the hungry or the United Way!
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    I bet the cars in question were 800's. One center I know of would regularly send the P800's out to a local body shop to get the frames repaired for state inspection. A couple of them could not be repaired without starting to do a complete rebuild. We were told those cars went to the bone yard on a flat bed. At least the automotive group did the right thing.
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    nothing would surprise me anymore.
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    What became of the whistleblower mechanic?
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    "Hello, UPS. Where safety is first. How may I help you?"
  7. menotyou

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    I already posted the story in another thread, My center.
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    What, this is new news? IT has always been a joke around our center. A mechanic would red-tag a car, the manager would tell the part time sup to "lose" the tag, and the car would find its way into the lineup. And no-one ever knew "how this could have happened"

    What I also think is interesting is that as a commercial driver, it is your responsibility to see if your vehicle has a cracked or broken frame, or if it has been illegally welded. Not that UPS would illegally weld a frame..........

  9. The Blackadder

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    The next time UPS talks about safety I will be whipping this article out.
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    I think UPS spokemsn Susan Rosenberg don't have a clue what really goes on at UPS. Just another puppet. She could have said that UPS did have a problem but they were working on it (a believable lie anyway) but OH NO, she goes and says "To even suggets that UPS would knowingly endanger the lives of its employees or the driving public is untrue" just shows how little she knows. Anyone who has worked at UPS for awhile has seen vehicals that should have never been on the road.
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    This is the quote from the article that caught my eye.

    The company also agreed to abide by state and federal limits on maximum driving hours, maximum weights and securing cargo, he said.

    Nice of them,
    -(yes the they, them)-
    to also agree to abide by the standards they have always claimed to uphold.
    For some strange reason the term "cold day in hell", comes to mind.
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    This is a first class example of the king and his clothes. This shining example of the disconnect between the ivory tower and the common "dirty folk" has never been as far apart as it is now.
    She has no clue, only repeats what the people above tell her to say, in their righteous indignation.

  13. menotyou

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    I watched the center manager rip the red tag off and order the Safety guy(at the time) to load it and deliver. Peak time. The mechanic actually beat them at their own game for once.
    He is smiling every morning he wakes up and doesn't have to go to work, just has to look at his bank account. He had two lawsuits, yet they only refer to one. Why? Cuz they lost a few mil on the second one.
    If you don't think my center is bent, we made national news. Where is Tie now to tell me how I have no idea what I am talking about as far as "working as directed". I haven't had one manager say anything about this, yet, on the site. Just one more shining example of how evil my management team is. I do mean is, as the center manager who started this mess is my on-car.
  14. hypocrisy

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    Just shocking!

    While I'm sure NY has pretty strong whistle-blower protections, anyone in the Country is protected under OSHA's & the STAA's whistle blower protection.

    This explains the sudden push to ADA package cars and tractors. I thought someone finally woke up and realized that UPS could save real money ordering new vehicles in a recession.
  15. menotyou

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    You are funny!! We had a whole new fleet within a year. I can't imagine why?!?!?
  16. FracusBrown

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    Its an emperor in the story. Looks like theres several involved. I have no doubt that what was done is against regulations, but its not the dire safety situation described either. If it were, we would have been reading about the trucks that broke in half and caused injuries or accidents. Employees and the company are guilty repeated violations in every center I have ever been associated with. I'm surprised it goes undressed. Its documented in virtually every audit done. Once it hit's email, they send the proof all over the world. Not too smart in my opinion.
  17. dannyboy

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    Just because there has not been a DOCUMENTED DEATH with this problem does not make it OK.
    As far as package cars breaking in half, really? You want to wait until we have one that breaks in half BEFORE UPS takes action? I was always told UPS was a company that took preventive action instead of reactive when it comes to safety issues.

    When it comes to cracked frames, its pretty much cut and dry in most states. The truck can not be legally welded as the weld point them becomes brittle which makes the rest of the frame more vunerable to aditional cracking.

    State of Virginia sells of a lot of trucks just because of this reason. Many of them relatively new.

    AT one time I really believed UPS was actually very interested in safety. Now, I really believe all they are interested in is the show. Look see this hand, watch this hand, dont take your eyes off this hand, while the whole time doing as they please with the other. Especially when it comes to money.

  18. The Other Side

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    Its funny to read all the posts on this thread so far, so true, even out here in california, PMI's have been reduced to ONCE a year. Red tagged trucks end up back in line, red tag lost and nobody knows how it happens.

    We have had a ton of complaints from drivers that go ignored in the mornings only to have a supervisor tell them "you have to work as directed" and take the truck out.

    Later in the day, the truck breaks down and a road call ensues, and then another supervisor says "why didnt you tell us it wouldnt make it".. lol

    Safety first, a stupid slogan intended to give a false impression of security.

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    Except that the ADA'd package cars aren't being replaced with new vehicles, leaving us chronically short on equiptment.

    And a succession of tractors with cracked frames have been taken off the road and assigned to me to use shifting the yard. (Not saying this is necessarily unsafe, however.)
  20. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    He is no longer with UPS. Everyone who drives a brown truck should applaud this man for what he did. Yes I know him personally. I do not work in the center that he was in but we were affected by this. I was pulled over in a D.O.T. check shortly after all of his findings "came out". The truck I was driving was removed from service immediately. That was on a Friday. Monday morning there was a new fleet of package cars in our building. There already were a handful of newer trucks, but all of the old P5's and P8's were replaced over the weekend.

    The only time this company believes in safety is when they are forced to.