OK Obamaites, In Truth You Did Vote For Bush!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Celebrate Bushie Boys and Girls, the Obama adminstration is completely vindicating everything your hero did.

    And what boys and girls is our word today? Let's all say it together now.


    Hey Johnny, the teacher is wrong, the correct word is LIAR!

  2. Baba gounj

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    Sorry wkmac, but under the new guidelines what you wrote is now considered to be hate speech. You must conform with the new order. Only positive thoughts about the MIGHTY O will be allowed.
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    Yes, and where is his golden image for us to bow down to and pray to 3 times a day?:wink2:
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    Can I pick out the word(s) for tomorrow?

    Snake Oil Salesman!!!
  5. diesel96

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    1) economy... 2) energy... 3) foriegn policy... 4)education... 5)health

    Band of the hand.....their are five fingers of the hand ^.
    Take five major issues an apply Bush/Rep philosophies vs Obama/Dem philosophies and compare. I will give you the middle finger :tt2:, that is foriegn policy (mainly pertaining to the middle East), that's shaping up with similarities by inheriting the cards dealt to them, but with a more defined time table to withdrawal. Now your left with four fingers of seperation. Not exactly what I would consider one in the same, more like 1/5th of the same. Unfortunatly the hand doesn't work as effectively without all five fingers working in unison, especially with those kind of odds. The sad part is, there are those bent on purposely obstructing the function of the hand on the intent to disable it.
  6. Baba gounj

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    NEWS FLASH....................
    This just in............Gitmo
    Will soon become the first re-education center.
    All those ordered to attend will have to pay their own travel charges.
    Since the government has spent all its monies on pork projects.:happy-very:
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    :bow::bow:The mighty anointed one.
  8. wkmac

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    Hey Baba, just for you.


    and this response


    Let me tell you something, that PC crap can be stuck where the sun don't shine. I've been called racist so many times in my life by PCers and other agenda driven types, it either becomes a badge of honor or rolls off my back like water off a duck's! I'm so way over and done with White Guilt it ain't even funny. According to the 2000' census, 12.9% of America's population is African American http://www.census.gov/prod/2001pubs/c2kbr01-5.pdf and a lot of that is consolidated in high density areas around the country. That said, explain to me the racist society of whites in Iowa for example that voted for Obama's election? Look across the breadth of this country and the simple fact that President Obama carried a fairly large % of the white vote and the secret that the PC manipulators don't want out is that it was the white vote that carried Obama to the top of the heep. They can't let that out because the myth of a racist America will be destroyed along with the tool of the trade for manipulation otherwise known as White Guilt!

    Start having the 8alls to tell PCer's to just "Go to Hell and Die" and if they threaten you with gov't, have the 8alls to take the bull by the horns and actually send them there yourself!
  9. moreluck

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    How's this for racist ??

    Obama doesn't know the difference between :censored2: & Shinola !!
  10. wkmac

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    You might and I mean might qualify for the "racist lite" program but we'll require training wheels for the time being. A arduous comprehensive training schedule will need to be adhered too!

    Well supper's waiting! I got to go wash up because daily cross burning sure dirties the hands!

    And for my next impression, Jessie Owens!

    I love that movie!
  11. wkmac

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    During the Bush years, you correctly pointed out many errors you saw along the way and in many cases you caught a lot of flak for pointing it out. There were and still are areas we disagree but you and I both know there are some where we do.

    You being a supporter of Obama while opposing the many aweful policies of Bush should be greatly disturbed about Obama continuing many Bush policies like the State Secrets Priviledge. A Case in point so to speak:


    Just a little side note to the above and a case of political hypocrisy we see from time to time. During the Clinton years, we heard and to be honest was a true arguement that because Bill Clinton lied about his sexual doings, it denied a lady her just day in court and whether anyone likes it or not, there is truth to that statement. But using that arguement as the basis of pointing out a huge wrong, would saying something is secret to deny judical access in the B-29 case above which in time (of course long past the statue of limitations) turned out the claim of harming national security was in truth bogus and was more apt used as a mechanism to avoid and even deny a just claim, I wonder how many of those here who screamed to high heaven about Clinton would fight you tooth and nail to defend the gov't action in the B-29 case? It's sadly what happens when you lapse into cults of personalities or cults of political parties and stop being Americans dedicated to defending the rule of law no matter who is in power. But anyway....

    What concerns me even more is the fact that President Obama has surrounded himself with folks like Rahm Emmanual whose loyality is IMO not to Constitutional authority but to the Unitary Executive Theory and more troubling is pushing this belief beyonds the constraints of Art. 2 of the Constitution. Even though Emmanual spent a short time in Congress, his loyality is to executive power.

    On the other hand, democrats like Patrick Leahy and Russ Feingold seem to be starting a process of reeling these powers back in http://leahy.senate.gov/press/200902/021109b.html and even taking back some of the Congressional powers that republicans and for that fact many democrats before had ceded to the Unitary executive. I also agree with Leahy on his idea of a "Truth Commission" http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sen-patrick-leahy/a-truth-commission-to-inv_b_166461.html although I think the title in this case of gov't is rather cheesey if not down right oxy-moronic. But if for once they could leave aside the political partisanship and look at that era for it's historical as well as instructional value, that commission would be worth it's weight in gold. But sadly, there is no Santa Claus and tooth fairy either.:wink2:

    Let's be honest here, you and I both know for all practical purposes President Obama is surrounded by neo-cons dressed under the name of democrat but neo-cons none the less who worship the idea of American Empire. The rub for them comes when they aren't the ones controlling it. I believe down stream there is a huge battle starting to boil between executive branch democrats and Congressional democrats over ths issue of executive power and the sad part is I think most republicans will side with Hillary, Emmanual and others in corraling Obama to defend the powers obtained during the Bush years. I know where the likes of Ron Paul will be and many democrats will be grateful to have him as an ally and God Bless him for it!

    I hope you will stay the course of opposition to these abuse of powers you so correctly opposed with Bush and support Leahy and Feingold as well as others as they try and push us back to a more balanced and properly "seperation of powers" type gov't. I know you support Obama and want him to succeed but he's being driven off the reservation by close factions that have other agendas of their own and much of that is protecting political powers they in the future themselves want to wield. AKA President Hillary and VP Rahm:surprised: Mark it down!

    Like Carter, Obama is surrounded by political traitors IMO. Washington will fight a newbie or outsider from mucking up the works they've spent decades building. It's another reason we've got to defang the tiger instead of sharpening his claws.

    In 2006' an article on the "Cult of the Presidency" was written at the TomDispatch.com website http://www.tomdispatch.com/post/46791/a_cult_of_presidential_power

    Speak up now before this Bush legacy become Obama's!
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    Here's a spoof.

    T.I.- Whatever You Like SPOOF! (OBAMA- Whatever I Like) :offtopic:
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    I came across a Mark Twain quote today that seemed to fit this topic: