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    What Would UPS Do?

    I ordered some stuff, well, am ORDERING a bunch of stuff. This week a box was out of FL and one was out of MD. Shipped on same day by FDX. I tracked em. Sposed to arrive today, which they did. The one I ordered outta MD was backordered quite a few months. The FL one I put usual add on plus business name am going by also.

    Guy comes up today (FDX Home Delivery) and says, "I saw this smaller one was going Ground to your add in our building so I just thought I'd take it a save the Ground guy." Me: "Uh, OK. What's the diff?" He says, "Ground is business and HD is Resi". "Great! Thanks!"

    Now, here, these guys probably load their own trucks, er, excuse me, CARS! And, it probably ain't as big a hub as some. Point? This guy was giving SERVICE!

    What would UPS do? OK, now I know most hubs or centers have preloaders, I know, I was there 32 yrs. AND, I know UPS goes by adds and zips. I KNOW! I also know most UPS centers are on this, whatever acronym thing they call it where it is the panacea for all the earth's woes when it comes to loading and tracing, blah, blah, blah.

    My point is: Today, in this, so-called, computer/tracking/service/effeciant/no-left turns/telematics/on-and-on NEW UPS, would this have happened? Would it have been ALLOWED to happen?

    Oh, I know, between drivers, this happens all the time. But, OFFICIALLY, would UPS, knowingly allow this to happen?

    You know what? I appreciated what this FDX guy did today. It saved me some time and aggrevation. He made a decision and ran with it. Can WE do the same thing? That is, without getting a warning letter or a termination?

    As a Post Script: Both boxes were in perfect condition. The FL one was pretty long but light. Had to pay OS on it and I was afraid of it's arrival condition cuz it's a long brake line for my Vette. Arrived perfect. I wonder if UPS woulda done the same thing.

    Carry on.

    Geez, just thot...The world's sposed to end Sat, the 21st. Shoulda charged this stuff.
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    At UPS this would not have happened. It would not have needed to. At UPS your address would not be dispatched to two different drivers just because on one package it had a business name, it would have gone to the same driver to begin with.
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    Uh, yeah, I kinda know that but I can think of more than a hundred diff variations of this to where UPS does NOT give the service as when I started. And, IEman, I'm really disappointed. That's the point I was trying to make.
  4. UnsurePost

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    Not impossible.
  5. UnsurePost

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    A real example: as an air driver, there are many-a-times we're delivering packages simultaneously as the other regular area driver is delivering to the same stop, or building. We give each other high-fives for the overtime.
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    That is not really a fair comparison. You are talking different service levels, express and ground. At Fed Ex, not only are they different drivers delivering to the same address, but ground/Home Del and express are dispatched out of different buildings in most cases I believe. Not sure if they high five each other or not.

    You are correct, it is not totally impossible an address would be on different cars in a day, but it is highly unlikely, we do not have separate networks and separate drivers for resi and business deliveries. But lets look at race's scenario. Let's say we did have separate drivers for resi and business, and lets say race's resi driver did as this driver did and took his business package and his resi to save time miles and make service. And lets say I as this drivers supervisor allowed him to do it and actually recognized him for his initiative. What would be my reward? You better believe it, I would get a grievance from the business driver for giving away his work, UPS would pay a penalty, and I would get my hand slapped for costing the division that penalty pay.
  7. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    Eh, that's presuming there is language like that...

    Actually, if the two were separate, as long as the person doing the work is in the bargaining unit, it doesn't really matter (unless there were a pay curve between business and resi delivery)
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    I understand your disapointment, and I do agree this is a different company than when you, or I, started. I just get tired of always hearing that the company is ruined from what it used to be and all management are solely to blame. Not necessarily saying that is what you were getting at, but I hear it so much I am probably overly sensitive. The company is different, and from a service perspective, in some ways it is worse, but in some ways much, much better. When you started, I am willing to bet if someone wanted to ship a package that weighed in at 72 lbs, UPS would tell them to pound sand. It also was not that long ago, before sleeper teams and other refinements in the transportation system, many corridors had one or two days longer in transit than they do today. Not to mention the ability to track a package throughout it's journey to the consignee.
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    Well, my last UPS shipment I got here 2 months , ago. I wasn't very happy with the service.
    Not only did I sign the info notice that was left behind the previos day, but I also wrote on it, that he has my full permission to leave it on my porch.

    Ofcourse, he disobeyed the notice I left on my door, but also gave the packages to my neighbors, that are someone different, and it took me 2 days to get it from them.
    I guess I should have called the center to get it dr'd, because a driver at UPS can't make that decision on their own (even with written and signed notice) !
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    In race's scenario, Fedex Home and Fedex Ground are both "subcontractors, independant contractors" or whatever. Essentially what the "home" guy did was take away income from the Ground guy, considering they get paid by the package. Unless the drivers worked it out between themselves in which case maybe the ground guy got paid for the home guys work.
    My own experience with Fedex has not been so great, I live in a complex but have an address on the main st, a number of times both "home" and "ground" have said "closed, not in" or something like that when I was sitting here waiting for the package.
  11. kingOFchester

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    Was the package Signature required? If so, I would not of left package either.. I know some people have a hard time understanding the info notice and assume a signed notice will get US to leave package.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    In my center, we are not allowed to accept a SDN for a signature required package. I will cross out that portion of the info notice so that there is no confusion.

    Klein, he did not disobey the notice---the driver was simply doing his job. Had you called the centre they would have told you the same.
  13. cachsux

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    Disobeyed? He`s not your servant.

    Also most drivers, ones who have had careers longer than 18 months, sometimes have to use their experience and knowledge to know that even though a customer may REQUEST something it might not be A) allowed by UPS B) the best choice for a safe delivery or C) the best choice to prevent an unhappy customer. He weighed your REQUEST and made what in his opinion was the best. As you have said you received your package safe and sound. You should have thanked him instead.
  14. bottomups

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    I would have delivered both of your parcels for you. I am the commercial & the residential guy.
  15. toonertoo

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    sig required is usually drugs, alcohol, jewelry, high value, or sexual toys, I would not have left it either.

    we have to follow rules.
  16. UPSGUY72

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    Did the shipper want a signature for the package. If so you know someone has to be home to receive the package.

    Anyways your not a objective person you have and always will have a beef with UPS.
  17. klein

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    Well, we had, and maybe still have, a secret code up here.
    When you receive notice from a customer to driver release it (not just signing the info notice), but also writing a note to leave it, we did.
    As sigmature we wrote :"SIN" (signed info notice).

    And then the driver held on to that notice for a month or 2 (in the truck) - to cover his/her butt.
    Just makes things easier. Both for driver and customer.

    Oh, and in my case it was 2 of those $300 new Philips electric shavers.
    But, my neighborhood is safe. Wouldn't think anyone would steal them, anyways.
  18. UPSGUY72

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    I cross out the signature line and circle #2 on the back of the delivery notice. So when they turn it over there is another explanation that they need to sign in person.
  19. gheerl

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    do you work at ups. why dont ya talk to the driver and tell him what you need?
  20. UPSGUY72

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    Is that secret code a UPS approved method?? Or just something you and a couple of other came up with.