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  1. hope someone can help with this question. I have been a full time driver for almost 32 years under cs plan ,I have been out of work on workers comp for 16 months my pension and insurance stopped after being out 12 months can i still retire under the new ups plan if it is voted in or do i have to work one hour after Jan 1 2008
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    My understanding is that you will have to work an hour before you are in the the new plan. Are you still getting paid for holidays? If so I wonder if New Years day wouldn't count. It is paid for time. Call your union hall. The fact that you have been a driver for that long is amazing. Good luck and enjoy your retirement. You deserve it.
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    So....... Do you think he worked the 1 hour?
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    .....and where's Dammor been for the last 3 years?
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    Tune in next week for the next episode of "Old Driver" as the Roving Eyeball seeks the answers to these questions!
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    Who the hell is Dammor? :wink2:
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