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    Alright.. it's not really so old.

    A year ago I got injured sorting. The Doctors didn't give me an X-Ray MRI nothing.. Even though I had mentioned I needed one. They just put in that I had a sprain. So I basically just loaded for the year even though I had been feeling tenderness I didn't really think of it much. But now yeah, it's just annoying. It doesn't hurt big time but I also shouldn't live with this. I also didn't sign anything when I left therapy and I didn't receive anything either.

    So a few months ago I went to my own Doctor which I've heard now that I shouldn't have and he's like honestly you don't need an X-Ray and he just prescribed some muscle relaxant.

    I know it's been a long time already but should I talk to HR about it. Or have I screwed myself.
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    It sounds as though you followed the correct procedure when you first got injured by documenting the injury and then going to a doctor for treatment. You have the right to go the doctor of your choosing for treatment but may have to go to the company doctor in order to be cleared to return to work, although I have had several injuries and have always used the clearance form from his office or from the hospital to return to work and it has never been an issue. It doesn't sound like it was a lost time injury but if you are still experiencing discomfort 1 year later you are wise to follow up with more treatment. If you don't feel that you current doctor is treating this injury properly by just prescribing muscle relaxants than seek another opinion and be sure to provide all documentation to your supervisor.
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    good advice UpSate.
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    Just curious- what exactly is the pain like in a rotator cuff tear? I mean, what are the symptoms and what does it make you do to compensate? My shoulder has hurt for years, and it seems like I have to "shrug" my right shoulder before I can lift my arm most of the time.

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    I will tell you this that in Florida if you file a comp claim and don't see the Dr. again within 365 days from your last visit they will close the case and don't have to pay for treatment anymore.
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    For me I could not lift my arm up past about 30 degrees. If I did I got a pop and very sharp pain to let me know not to do that again. As long as I did not try and lift my arm I had no pain.