OMG...just when you thought you heard it all.....guess what? You didnt!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Here we go again. Another tough talking, tough acting, moral family values promoter and anti immigrant fighter who was seen on FOX NEWS practically everyday in 2011 speaking on border issues, has met personal disaster!

    Once known as a tough talking sheriff from Arizona on border issues and then promoted to the ROMNEY campaign as CO CHAIR, then a candidate himself for congress in his district for 2012, has had to come forward and ADMIT he is GAY!
    Paul Babeu, Arizona Sheriff, Steps Down As Arizona Co-Chair Of Mitt Romney's Presidential Campaign

    (FOX NEWS WAY OF REPORTING THIS STORY) Fox News Downplays Salacious Details Of Sheriff Babeu’s Gay Love Scandal With A Possible Illegal - NewsHounds

    YUP, you heard it right. He's GAY. Without much choice in the matter, his secret lifestyle was outed by an illegal immigrant who "outed" him after BABEU threatened to DEPORT him if he talked about their lengthy relationship.

    The boyfriend, supplied photos of the two of them together and has spoken to reporters. I am sure this tough talking family values Sheriff wants to disappear off the face of the earth right about now, but instead, he is trying to face the music.

    Despite belonging to a party that dispises homosexuals, he has decided to continue running for congress knowing full well the GOP will never elect him. He has had to RESIGN as Romneys CO CHAIR for the presidency because he is GAY, and that would pose a problem for ROMNEY.

    There are early rumors that BABEU and his campaign paid this male lover money from his campaign to BE QUIET, but so far the BABEU campaign is denying this claim. Either way, FOX NEWS favorite mouthpiece on illegal aliens just became expendable to the conversation.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    When will the GOP ever learn?

    I guess this sheriff was tough on immigrants unless he was dating them!
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    Who cares?!?!?
  3. moreluck

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    You say...oh, they should have the right to marry or do this or do that, but you are a true homophobe !!!

    What difference does it make in his fight to uphold the law....including the immigration laws? You act like he's the only gay man ever in the world today!! (Barney ring a bell? Or ring your bell?)

    He's not the elephant man....................for God's sake!
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    Let's see the pictures!
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    I dont want to see pics.
  6. Baba gounj

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    tos, what ever happened to your tolerance ?

    You talk the talk, but not the walk.
  7. bbsam

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  8. The Other Side

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    Just pointing out the hypocrisy BABA. Pure Hypocrisy. The right wing wants to live like its 1776 and gays hiding in the closet. Its amazing how many people on this board bash on GAYS like Barney Frank and make jokes and post tons of pictures with gay references ( see barney frank thread) and yet, when a republican gets OUTED, all of a sudden, its private business, and tolerance becomes the word of the day.

    I laugh at this sheriff for all his tough talk and the HYPE that FOX news put into him, only to have it blow up in his face by having an illegal alien for a boyfriend!! What a joke!

    I dont see him making any appearances on fox news talking about illegal aliens in the future. Looks like the last thing sheriff Babeu was able to deport was HIMSELF off FOX NEWS!!



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    .....and you all laughed at Anthony Weiner! Now, we laugh at you cause you dont seem to be laughing now!

    Talk about poster boys for stupidity! This one comes with a shinny badge!



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    Amazingly, 27 pages of "CREEP" talk on anthony wieners thread, and one page on a republican "CREEP"....

    Fair and balanced?