OMS-5.5 guaranteed hours no matter what?

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    I've only been a PT Supervisor (OMS) since February. I know we're guaranteed 5.5 hrs daily. If I leave for an appointment and come back before my shift ends, do I still get paid for 5:5? Or if I come in late or have to leave early for an appointment? I guess that would make me salaried if I were to be paid while not on the job. But I also know we CAN get overtime so I'm a little confused. Thank you!
  2. You are guaranteed 27.5 hours per week, not 5.5 hours daily. You will however get paid 5.5 hours for an option day, a vacation day, or a peak holiday where you do not work. This is an important clarification, because it means weeks that contain non-peak holidays will result in you getting paid under 5.5 hours for the holiday if you work more than 22 hours over the other 4 days. I clarify this because essentially all of the PT supervisors who work additional hours over a non-peak holiday containing week end up wondering why their check is short, because in verbal discussions they've had with HR, they get told they're guaranteed 5.5 hours per day (usually something like "you're guaranteed 27.5 hours per week, so 5.5 per day") and holidays are paid... which isn't exactly the case.

    If you leave during your shift, you need to clear that with your management team before hand, and also need to code it out in PTRS as an unpaid break. Your management team may want you to work additional time to make up for the hours you're not present, or they may not care. If they don't care, you'll get paid 27.5 hours for the week even if you work less than that.
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    Why do you have so many appointments?

    Why can't you schedule said appointments before or after your
    5.5 hour shift
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    That's not necessarily true. If you don't work on say a Tuesday but don't have a discretionary in you forfeit the 5.5 that day.

    If you leave before your shift ends or come in late you will be expected to to make up that time.
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    Thank you. That's a very detailed answer and clarifies things a great deal.
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    I don't necessarily. Just saying "if"
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    Make sure you code it out correctly in PTRS as was mentioned earlier. I've seen OMS' terminated for being gone when coding PTRS the same 5.5 every day.