OMS Part Time Supervisor..... to be or not be???

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  1. artbella9

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    I was offered OMS PT Supervisor job in Indiana. I have not previously worked for UPS. Can someone tell me more about this job, salary and just the whole UPS environment? Is there a good chance to go full time after a while, any advancement opportunities??? Any input is appreciated.
    Thanks! :)
  2. cosmo1

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    How are your phone skills?
  3. badpal.

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    Headache after headache. Decent pay but terrible benefits package. There is no way to sum UPS just have to experience it first hand. You definitely will need to grow a thick skin if you don't already possess one.
  4. artbella9

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    My phone skills are excellent. I've been working as a secretary for 5 years. Would you know what is the start pay? Thanks!
  5. CaliforniaPaul

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    I would probably ask the people who offered me the job to get answers to my questions.
  6. TearsInRain

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    OMS is literally the best PT supe job UPS has to offer, except maybe HR

    depending on whether you work AM, mid-day, or PM, your responsibilities can be vastly different
    AM OMS basically distributes call-tags and driver followups, controls high-values, and then does handles the customer complaints that came in over the night. very stressful till the drivers roll out, then it dies down quite a bit.

    mid-day OMS is all about hourly reports to IE, a large amount of customer complaints, and some assisting the on-car supes with meetpoints

    PM OMS, my job, handles some customer complaints, a lot of will-call requests, all of the timecards, the DIAD's, the recap-report of the day, getting all the drivers in before the air-trailer rolls out, and then picking up the pieces for whatever was screwed up during the day :panicsmiley:

    the AM and mid-day have the best hours, and you will work 5.5 every day, but if you're the PM OMS, you're done when your work is done and all the drivers are in, which hangs on how good you are at your job. The only time i actually work 5.5 hours a day are when i stay late to clean the DIAD's periodically.

    Also, if you're the PM OMS, after 7:30pm, you are usually the de-facto Center Manager for whoever is still out :likeit:

    i say take the job, but if you can't handle making big decisions, fast, on your own, stay away from PM OMS..

    Edit: you'll make about 20K a year for 27.5 hours a week
    if you want to advance by meeting people, take the mid-day or maybe AM shift.
    if you want to become really, really good at anything UPS can throw at you, take the PM shift.
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    nicely put^^^^lmao Im a Evening oms in ill.... pretty easy
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    Pay starts at $1638/monthly...paid once monthly..on 26th...for 27.5hrs weekly...110hrs monthly...not paid for any hours worked outside those hours...(hopefully,the mid-afternoon or PM OMS arrives on time.
    OMS is the 'fall-guy' for anything ranging from 'the driver didn't knock' ''eta for pkg arrival-on standard service pkgs!" whatever mistakes drivers,other employees have made..speeding drivers,drivers parking in bad spots,..complaints about the state of centre-cleaniness or lack thereof...can't find the DR pkg at door..COD adjustment messages to drivers,pc room,etc..basically,if a person complains about anything UPS, or wants to know about 'hidden'' fees such as COD' will have to try and answer the question.
    Dealing with the public...complaints about drivers,UPS lack of service,threats to sue,...and complaints from the drivers as well..some are quite justified.
    But you will also get to talk with very nice,considerate people as well..sometimes,people actually email or call the company to compliment the driver's efforts..which is such a nice change of pace...than dealing with the constant negative comments about the company you work for.
    Arrange meets..track preferred deliveries...message driver to driver..answer off RS labels,distribute DCR's,possibly order supplies,uniforms..monitor bldg maintenance..
    Time will fly...the days,the weeks,months,years..
    As long as you can 'turn it off' when you walk out the actually feel you've made a positive difference in today's world..someone's life..
    The AM OMS is the busiest...PM OMS seems to be the easiest....