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    One of our drivers who just got married a couple of years ago lost his two year old son yesterday. While details are sketchy at this time it would appear that while he was off yesterday with his wife and child, sometime during his nap, the child went outside and got into the mini van.

    After wondering why the child was sleeping so long, he went into the room to find the child gone. After looking for the boy inside, the driver went outside looking for him and found him dead in the floor of the car.

    While this is a really tragic accident, the news media has absolutely trashed their lives with all sorts of inuendos and half truths.

    To top the tragedy even more, tomorrow was to be a final hearing for the custody of his three other children from a previous marrage. And next week will be the 10 aniversary of the death of his first child who died of cancer at two, a long and painful death it was for him.

    So in just a few minutes, on one of the few precious days off we get, his life was changed.

    Anthony and his wife need our prayers. Its hard to know why things like this happen to good people. Just when everything seemed to be going his way after years of struggle.....

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    I dont know what to say.........But we will pray for his family.
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    OH dANNYBOY, THAT IS AWFUL. CAN WE GET A COLLECTION GOING ON HERE? Or an address to send cards to.
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    way to go there pilots! Just like every friday and some others sprinkled into the week your little game of "mechanical problems" is getting old.

    Here it is the viewing is tonight from 6-8 and we are not even going to get the air until 930-1000. That is going to put all the drivers in too late to even go to support him in his time of need.

    Kinda hard to feel supportive of the things they are crying about when they pull BS like this.

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    Its not just the pilots. My father passed a few months back, and not one driver could make the wake by 8. We're all over dispatched.
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    Im sure many wanted to, I have went to many funerals and had to go in my "browns" at the very end. Seems direspectful to go dirty, but we have all learned along time ago, it doesnt matter how you look, just go....and if they work with us they have had to do the same.
    When my father, mother and sister passed, a few made it from my old center, but no one from my new could it was too far. But they always let me know they were thinking of me.And in the end that is what counts, the support afterwards. Once the funeral is over and everyone gets back to their lives, and that is when the person who has such a great loss, especially of a child needs it the most.
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    Well, just back from the wake. Was it hard. 30+ drivers made it, many in their browns. Last I heard we had collected close to or over $1000 from the driver group, which for our center is unheard of. We even had a driver that was off on a personal, delivering packages out of his car to help get some of the more overdispatched drivers in. Times like this is where you find out if you really have a team at the center or not.

    Parker was just two, but they had to get a young teen casket because he was so tall and big boned. Almost 38 inches tall. Hard to believe he joined us for lunch just 5 days ago.

    Guys, if nothing else, love your family with a passion every day, because you never know....

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    Just an update.

    The police department arrested the driver and his wife yesterday afternoon and charged them with aggravated child neglect and reckless homicide. This ten months after the child died.

    It seems like they went to some of the neighbors and found one that gave them a story they wanted to here. The fact that there are two police officers on the same cul-de-sac that requested to give statements but were refused speaks volumes on what appears to be a witch hunt.

    Keep them in your prayers and thoughts as a conviction (which I dont think is remotely possible) carries a 15-25 year room and board with the state. And as far as the driver, no longer having a position at UPS.

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    dannyboy diod the dhild die the other day or ten months ago?
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    sorry dannyboy i went back and read your first post and looked at the date when it was posted.