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    Hello everybody. I’ve been around a while, but never really started posting until recently.

    I found UPS as an employer by accident when checking the status on one of my packages and just happened to notice that they were hiring for Driver Helpers at the time (October of 2008). I jumped at the chance of securing my first job, and of being hired on as a Seasonal Driver Helper.

    I worked hard, was never late, and had a lot of fun. My Driver personally went in early one morning to speak with my manager and got me in a nice word of recommendations for rehire after Peak (something that rarely ever happens, I was told). I managed a 1 on their numbers scale and was told I would be among the first hired back (thanks to my numbers and recommendation from my Driver), if the Center needed anybody new.

    Well, that didn’t pan out in 2009 before the next Peak period… so last October, I did it all over again. Same deal, but the economy still sucked and I was just about to give up hope, when I happened across an opening recently in a different Center a few extra miles away and applied, went through the interview June 17th and now I’m just anxiously waiting to hear back so I can start my career with UPS.

    Nice to meet you all, and I look forward to working with you again soon!

    And a question, if I may… does the time put in for Seasonal hires at Peak make any difference over a street hire, as we’re all told? Likewise, does the person who completed two (or more) Peaks get in before others that have only been through one, or less than another potential PT Handler? And, if they did hire somebody off of the street before somebody who had put in the time at Peak, what can that person do about it, if anything? Just curious as I'm getting anxious and a bit worried that they've not called back yet.

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    Your work during those 2 Peaks does not have any contractual advantage for you but will help you in the eyes of HR and the mgt team. I had 2 helpers who worked their butts off and are now working here, thanks in part to my recommendation. As far as the off the street hire scenario, you would not have any recourse.
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    Thanks so much for letting me know.
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    Knowing people at UPS helps to get a job and with your prior experience It could only help you...Unfortunately whenever someone Is hired on at peak season Its usually temporary. I got really lucky to stay on after peak season. I busted my butt everyday with no gurantee of a job after peak season but I was told If I worked hard enough It was possible. It kinda sucked though because my start date changed from December 14th,2009 to January 1st,2010 So I basically was a ghost for those couple weeks I worked at UPS...For people that say hard work doesn't pay off at UPS I laugh because UPS was built on hard work and those are the same people just coming In for a paycheck every week and not thinking about UPS as a really smart career move...But once you get on at UPS the best move for you Is to stay no matter what because they will reward you. It may take awhile but you will reap all the rewards of every bit of sweat and exhaustion you've given them.
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    I just got an email.... my insider manager keeping tabs on this for me forwarded the hiring manager's sentiments. He completely twisted everything I told him during the interview, saying I said I only wanted FT and that I was also in school, and that he didn't want to "take a risk with so many new eyes"... when I was clear that I was NOT in school, and that I had also said I have no other obligations and that I wanted ANYTHING they had. So, we'll see what happens. I've emailed and called them both back as well. It might not be too late.

    But I have to say, I'm not happy and I'll be downright furious if I don't get one of those jobs because of a grievous misunderstanding like this, even more so if they hire somebody with less experience than me. They KNOW there's no "risk" with me, because I've ALREADY proven myself - TWICE! :angry: