On this Valentines Day....

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    Air didn't show up at the center til 2:15. I didn't receive my air til 4:40. 38 total air stops and 8 business stops that had to be off by 5. Message to us in the board reads "Do not sheet air packages after 5 that are not able to be delivered". Doesn't this seem like possibly an integrity issue? I know if we do not sheet a package and let it ride on the truck all day, we get our ars chewed and given warning letters and everything else.
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    Work as directed----------the Union always told us that the Company had every right in the world to run themselves out of business.
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    I spent 10 hrs on Valentines Day night looking at the :censored2: of a mounted Bull Dog !! Thats what I call romantic!!!!!
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    Was looking at all the "day after Valentine's" gifts and the store manager says....."Take your pick, free of charge". That was so nice of him.
    I picked by the looks of the basket and ended up getting a small stuffed animal, choc. truffles, choc. turtles and choc. mints and a candle . It was priced $24.99.

    I just thought it was cute and I know they can be costly at Michael's
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    Looks like the Laundry Basket I got for the wife !! ^^^^
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    It's the style of the laundry basket, but much smaller.......I want to put a green arrangement in it.......