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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by FlipOldman, May 7, 2019.

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    Article 40: section 1 (c) clearly states that the workweek for p/t air drivers is 5 days. The bosses are now trying to say that section 1 (k) nullifies that, and they can force air drivers to have a regular 6-day workweek. They're not even bothering to go through the seniority process outlined in section 1 k. Now all the air drivers are disgruntled. What can be done about this?
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    6th punch...
    If they are sending out ground on that day, even if you are not doing it, it is grounds for a full time driver to grieve your 6th punch hours.

    Find 1 or more money hungry full time drivers who are willing to file. 6th punch is extra work for part time air drivers or full time drivers and has to be offered by seniority.

    Once they are paid for the grievance your 6th punch will magicly disappear.
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    Thanks! They had an interest list for f/t drivers to work last Saturday, but they didn't call any of them and just forced air drivers to come in for 3 hours. They're trying to save money by having air drivers work because they don't have to pay them as much to do the same work. Textbook exploitation right there. The air drivers are understandably pissed because some of them live up to an hour away and it's not worth it to drive all the way there for 3 hours on a Saturday.
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    I have a paycheck from two weeks ago that backs this man’s post up.
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    If you’re out of Roswell, send me a PM, I’ll halve the loot with you.