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  1. Sooo .... little issue here. Following peak season I decided I should use up my remaining personal days as well as my vacation weeks. Due to inclement weather, I requested and was promised my first personal day to be used. This is now approaching the fourth week (I notified my FT supervisor the evening I received my check the first week) without my personal day being cashed out. I'm promised the fix each upcoming check to no avail. So, stupid me, I used up my remaining 2 OPDs last week, as well as a vacation week the following week. I was interestingly paid for my vacation week this pay period (when I was told, and know through past experience, it normally takes an additional week to show up), but no OPDs were cashed out. Being a PT employee in the hub, I rely on that money and it is disappointing to notice week after week that despite being promised the world, no "easy" fix has been presented to me (it's obviously mighty HARD on their end). As it stands now, I am still credited on my pay stub as having unused optional personal days, when I have requested the remaining to be used up at this point.
    Wondering what I should do in this situation. I don't want to be an :censored2: over this seemingly small (big to me) situation as I respect and value each employee in my hub, supervisor or hourly. However, I am aggravated that I now have to ration my money more-so than usual, as I've been getting skimpy checks for "missing" days (only due to the OPD not being used up) and now realize I will be going WITHOUT a check next week since my vacation pay was paid out this week rather than next.

    What can I do in this situation? I feel like a broken record approaching my FT supervisor every goddamn week about this issue, and I feel as if I do so again, the same end result will occur.
    Thanks in advance, and I apologize if this post is confusing in any way.
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    Talk to your steward.
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  3. Dumb question ... but do what, explain the situation to him and see what he can do about it?
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    Do you want the money or the time off or both?
  5. I would like to be paid for the time off that I had (3 days). I was under the impression from my FT supe that he agreed to allow me to take those days, however his empty promises have resulted in me keeping the OPDs that I had and losing out on a 4-hour day's pay for the days I didn't attend
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    I think unused Option days are paid off on May 1st every year. I always receive an extra 2 days pay around then. If you need the money more then the time off you may want to consider this.
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    If you have unpaid credits on your stub, and you took those days, it's likely whoever is doing time cards is coding them wrong. First, if you have a good contact in the office, ask them to look and see how they were coded. If it was incorrect, (most likely)ask them to correct it. If they can't or won't get your steward to file for back pay and penalty pay. If it was coded right, then there's a problem in payroll somewhere. Again, get your steward involved. Ask for the back pay and penalty pay.
  8. Thank you for that post, MC4YOU2