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  1. Ok, this has been happening for over a year with different managers. We've been making several changes in our building, which includes new FT managers (4 in the last year). This one currently came a few months ago, and seems to have his head on straight. I requested in the beginning of the month the last week of this month for vacation and was OKd. It happened that I had Labor Day off too before I returned, so I had the 5 days+weekend+holiday. On Tuesday when I showed up, he acted like he didn't know I had vacation but told me everything was good and that I would get paid the vacation week. This morning I look at my paycheck, and this guy has taken the last of my OPTIONAL days and put them in my check, but didn't touch my 40 vacation hours, so I got paid for let's say 3 personal days instead of a vacation week. What the hell? I'm pretty :censored2:, especially considering I bust my ass and my child began school this week, and of course we live paycheck to paycheck. Point of this post is to say how tired I am of these full time managers "messing up" and wondering what can I really do about these apparent errors? I am going to explain to him how he screwed me and how I now have to go about the week without a paycheck (what I was paid was less than 100 dollars with union dues taken out). He isn't going to give a flying :censored2: of course.. What can I do besides being :censored2:?

    Now it appears that I have 0 optional days, but still 40 weeks vacation. I want my 2 personal days back, and 20 hours of my vacation pay to be deducted and paid out to me like it is supposed to. I get direct deposit but I'm not going to spend the check because it was incorrectly tendered to me. Could really use some assistance and help as to what to do. Can I call the union? What should I say? I work my ass off like everyone else and I am dumbfounded as to how these same "errors" can be made. He obviously didn't code my check right (that's how I was lied to--err, how I understand it) but I need it fixed. I don't want to have to wait until next week but I'm sure I will have to. So done with UPS....5 years of loading 4 rails a night and I feel as if I get blatantly disrespected repeatedly, especially when I try to use the days/hours that are supposed to be ENTITLED to me. What, can I not take a :censored2:ing day/week off? I'm fuming.
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    You've been here 5 years and still have no idea what to do? Ever hear of union steward, grievance, contract? SMH
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  3. Never have had to speak with the steward nor file a grievance before, which is why I was asking what I should do. I am going to speak with him about it today regardless
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    I read your novel....you say you picked this vacation a month ago. Did you originally pick a different week when you did this year's vacation picks back last November?

    Vacation picks for 2016 would have been chosen by seniority in November/December of 2015.
  5. no, and sorry for the long post
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    So do you have a copy of your vacation pick sheet for 2016??
  7. and like I said, he made it seem like he didn't record the week when I asked him about it in the beginning of the month, so I feel like he would use that against me, claiming that I didn't solidify which week I was using the vacation
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    You are not understanding me. Vacation picks for UPS are done the end of the year for the following year. My weeks vacation for this year were chosen back in November of last year....on a vacation selection sheet which you should have a copy of.

    As far as I know....you don't just get to walk into work and pick a week vacation for a following month. Even If you request to change a week to a different week than you originally picked....you will still receive your vacation pay 2 weeks before the originally selected week...not the week you switched to. You've worked here for 5 years....how do you not know how it works?

    Maybe it's possible that he thought you were just using your optional days for an additional week off.
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  9. not sure where you are located but we do not have "vacation picks" at the end of the year. as a pt package handler i'm always told to request time off at least 2 weeks prior to the date(s). i asked him almost 4 weeks prior to the vacation time, and was told that was fine as he was jotting something down (which I assumed was relevant to my question). i've always received my vacation pay the week following my week off. i was just looking for someone to maybe point out to me what I need to do as far as talking to him OR my steward... i was in the understanding that the week of the 29th-2nd was O.K. for me to take the week off. instead my last 2 days were cashed out and I walk away with an 8th of what i had anticipated.
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    Been a PTer for 10 years and I've never heard of a vacation policy like yours at UPS.
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  11. I understand you feel under appreciated, but don't let that be a reason to quit UPS.....you have a kid and the benefits are pretty good! We pick ours a year ahead, too. Option days are the days to use for a day off or something. Here, they get paid to you at the end of the year if you don't use them. Since you have 40 hrs vacation, my advise is to not worry about the 3 Option days they paid you, and just tell them you would like to have your vacation paid out now, too. Wouldn't be til next weeks check, but since you worked, it would be a bigger check. And you still have 20 hours vacation left. Just my 2 cents.
  12. I wanted my vacation paid out the week I was gone, and still be able to have my option days. Why he used up all my option days instead of my vacation weeks I do not know. Oh but I can't have my cake and eat it too.
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    What will probably happen, no guarantees is they will agree to pay you 3 days of your vacation. They will come up with some reason that they paid you for 2 days already which they did. They may say something along the lines of not being able to pay you twice with 2 different pay codes for the 2 optional days. Good luck!
  14. I see what you're saying. I was thinking you could use your 5 vacation days as option days, but then you lose an entire (tried to type A. Hole week off) it got censored! Ha) straight week off from working. Just worried that trying to credit them back to you, might open up a can of worms and they'll lose all your days somehow and make it that you owe them pay! We actually get paid 2 weeks BEFORE our vacation. I know, I'm on vac next week, got paid last week for it. Sorry for your situation. Hope all goes well!
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    We can do it here